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Thank you very much for taking the time to look through our truly great items  and many thanks to all the companies and kind individuals who have so generously donated.  It has been amazing the support we have received so far.

The auctions will finish at 9pm on Wednesday 6th December 2017.

Good luck and remember all proceeds go to the school. 

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A Two Hour Business Coaching Session worth £250.00
06-12-2017 21:00

Kinga Broel-Plater has kindly donated a Two Hour Business Coaching Session worth £250.00.  Below is more information about Kinga and what she offers.


Founder, Business Consultant and Executive Coach

Kinga is the founder of Aumentech and a driven coach and business consultant.

With an extensive background in banking, sales and management from organisations such as Citigroup and JPMorgan, and having worked with a number of young and growing organisations, Kinga has great insights and understanding of real business issues at many levels. She consults in a range of strategic and operational areas such as finance, operations, sales and business development. Kinga holds a MSc in business administration and finance, and is an ITS accredited coach and NLP Master practitioner. Her interests are developing and growing businesses, new technology and nurturing and developing individual talent.

One of Kinga's executive coaching clients says: "Kinga is ridiculously talented at getting you to give yourself the answers and solutions to the many challenges which you are faced with by using simple but effective techniques which quickly "drill down" and get your mind to the core of the challenge. I have been using Kinga's coaching service now for nearly 5 months and have been absolutely delighted with the results. One of my four objectives was to secure the long term liquidity of the business and this was completed within only two months of starting."

Areas of expertise: Banking, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Strategy, Sales, Social Media.


This voucher is valid until 30th March 2018.