Head teacher and Deputy Head

Holy Trinity CE Primary School


Governors’ meeting (GB)

Quorum (one half of the number of governors in post)     Yes/No : YES

Chair: H. James
Clerk: L. Prendergast


Date of Meeting: 24th June 2013 - 6.15pm








Associate Member


Harry James (HJ)




Penny Cox (Head) (PC)




Marie Ashton (MA)




Alex Ridall (AR)




Trevor Patterson (TP)




Geraldine Stride (GS)



Apologies (away)

Lee Jerwood (LJ)




Morag Lucas (ML)




Lucy Ashby (LA)



Apologies (working from home)

Robert Hawker (RH)




Tony Tresigne (AT)




Niki Crookdake (NC)




Michele Marcus (MM)




Claude Scott (CS)




Kate Chalker-Wye (KCW)




Andrew Gallini (AG)





Observing; Mrs Lexi Wakefield

Also Lucy Barber (Chair of the PTA)







Person(s) responsible for action (if any)

Date to be completed


Prayers were led by PC.



There were no declarations of interest.



The Chair of the Friends of Holy Trinity, Mrs Lucy Barber gave an update detailing the many fund raising events that have taken place over the past year, how much they have raised and what the money will be spent on.

PC gave thanks to her for the fantastic amount of work, dedication, good humour and helpfulness of the whole Friends team.

Lucy Barber left the meeting.



The minutes of the 29th April meeting were agreed and signed.



Matters Arising;

Item 4. Clerk had added the question requested by AG.

Item 5 (4#3). RH has completed the conversion to policies into PDF for the website. LA to co-ordinate in future.

Item 5# 6. LA has redistributed the password for governor’s area of website.

Item 5#8. PC has agreed on a quote for the new sports pitch and placed the order. The decision was taken with the advice of consultants (Synergy).

The work should be completed during the summer holidays (weather permitting).

Item 6.

LA has put the booklet from the information session on the website.

PC has been looking at the assessment data on Target Tracker. There had been some anomalies which are currently being investigated.   Will report back at the next Curriculum Committee meeting.

All governors were reminded of the data training session on 1st July and asked to attend if possible.

Pupil Premium; When the baseline data is taken for the new reception children in September, those that are adrift from their peers will be offered additional help in the afternoons until they stay all day after the October half term. This may also include children that don’t qualify for free school meals (FSM) and would probably be a focussed session rather that just keeping the children at school all afternoon.

Q: How do you show that the Pupil Premium (PP) is targeted for FSM children?

A; Although we record what the money is spent on, it isn’t ring fenced so can also include children that need extra support but don’t receive free school meals.

Item 7.

GS has agreed to put together a schedule for governor visits. To include when in the term is the best time to visit for observations, to meet the teacher counterpart etc. Will distribute for next term.




































































Start of next term.


Head teacher’s Report.

Q; With reference to the Key Performance Indicators chart, were any teaching observations done during the autumn term?

A: Yes, but in the form of informal “learning walks” – dipping in and out of lessons.

Q: What is behaviour for learning?

A; Children are encouraged to do more than put their hand up and listen well. Looking for more advanced skills – setting their own targets, how homework can be developed and expanded, reviewing learning objectives and advanced study skills.



Chair’s Report.

Academy Status; This will be discussed again at the second meeting of the next academic year. HJ to distribute and update before that meeting.

The priorities for the next academic year were discussed at the recent steering committee meeting.   Governors were urged to complete and return their evaluation survey asap.

Writing will feature on the School Development Plan for next year, but it was re-iterated that although something may not be on the SDP it doesn’t mean it’s not happening in school.

Q; Is there a skills audit of the full governing body yearly?

A; There hasn’t been one for a number of years, so will be updated following the return of surveys.

HJ has been encouraged about the level and number of questions being asked at committee level.









All govs




Before 2nd autumn term mtg.



By return.


Committee Reports;

Personnel committee;

Q: When there is a confidential matter, how do the committee decide if the FGB should be informed?

A; The personnel committee makes the judgement on if the item needs full discussion.

Q; What is The Pod?

A; The enhanced behaviour provision for children with emotional and behaviour difficulties.

The pay policy for teachers is changing from September 2014. There is a need to make clear to teachers how the new policy will work and what is expected of them to advance up the pay scale.

The policy needs to be in place by the end of this academic year which is a very tight time frame.

There are various model policies available. The personnel committee need to look at them, make a recommendation and distribute to the full governing body in the next two weeks. The governors must then respond by return if happy with the recommendation or not. There will be an extra ordinary meeting before the end of term if required.

It is hoped to be able to let the teachers have the new policy before September 1st in order to meet the 1 year deadline before the change comes into force.



















Personnel committee



















Within fortnight.


Governor’s Plan.

There are a few items to be completed by the end of term.




HJ reiterated the importance of governors training and asked them to let clerk know when any had been completed.



Any other business.

NC asked governors to read material that will be distributed before the data training and get back to her with any queries in advance.

The staff were thanked for their silent auction promises – it had raised approximately £1800


Dates for next academic year.

September 30th

November 25th

February 3rd

March 24th

May 12th

June 30th all at 6.15pm


Agreed and signed by Chair: