Head teacher and Deputy Head

Lucy Ashby

Deputy Head

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Your job title / role:
Deputy Head, Phase 2 Leader.

Your curriculum responsibilities:
Music, CPD, Curriculum.

What do you love about Holy Trinity?
It’s very hard to condense into words… the wonderful children, the school ethos, all of the fantastic staff that work so
very hard, the team work that goes on, the school community and the governors, everything really! I love my job and I love Holy Trinity, I challenge anyone to have a better, more fulfilling job than me.

What have been your most notable achievements over the last few years?
Travelling around the world by myself, running three half marathons and raising funds for some incredible charities, selling some of my handmade jewellery and supporting the school to become the best it can be. 

What are your ambitions, both professionally and personally for the next few years?
For the school to be recognised as outstanding in every area. For the wider community to recognise Holy Trinity as a wonderful school that fosters the development of every individual in a caring, dynamic setting.

What do you remember most about your own time at primary school and does this impact on your work now?
My reception teacher Mrs Phillips! She always had time for everyone. Always make time for every child, they all deserve to feel special and loved. The best learning takes place when everyone is having fun.

What were your favourite subjects at school, and did you ever have any dislikes?
Sport, finding things out and discovering how things worked, photography, reading, singing! I don't think I had any dislikes other than the high jump and hurdles!

Finally, if you had to give a few words of advice to the children at Holy Trinity what would it be?
Enjoy every day, reach for the sky, never think you can’t, persevere even when it’s tough and always look on the brightside.