Head teacher and Deputy Head

Penny Cox

Head Teacher


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Your job title / role: Head Teacher.


What do you love about Holy Trinity?

The children; they are so wonderful! I love all the staff and parents that make up our special community.

What has been your most notable achievement over the last few years?
Finishing a half marathon (very, very slowly) and completing the Thames Path walk.


What are your ambitions, both professionally and personally for the next few years?

To continue to strive to make Holy Trinity the very best school. Personally I could do with getting a bit more exercise…

What do you remember most about your own time at primary school and does this impact on your work now?

I was terrified of maths tests – I never want children to be afraid of anything at school.

What were your favourite subjects at school, and did you ever have any dislikes?

I really enjoyed everything except French and maths. Now I really like maths.


Finally, if you had to give one or two words of advice to the children at Holy Trinity what would it be?

Be generous.