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Our Values

At Holy Trinity we welcome you to an exciting world of learning, discovery and friendship. We are passionate about nurturing every child, helping them to find and develop their own talents and be the best that they possibly can. Children will learn within a Christian community, surrounded by support, kindness, respect and fun; and will leave with fantastic memories to cherish forever.

Holy Trinity CE Primary School


Governors’ meeting (GB)

Quorum (one half of the number of governors in post)     Yes/No : YES

Chair: H. James
Clerk: L. Prendergast


Date of Meeting: 4th February 2013







Associate Member


Harry James (HJ)




Penny Cox (Head) (PC)




Marie Ashton (MA)




Alex Ridall (AR)




Trevor Patterson (TP)




Geraldine Stride (GS)




Lee Jerwood (LJ)



Apologies (unwell)

Morag Lucas (ML)




Lucy Ashby (LA)




Robert Hawker (RH)




Tony Tresigne (AT)




Niki Crookdake (NC)




Michele Marcus (MM)




Claude Scott (CS)




Kate Chalker-Wye (KCW)




Andrew Gallini (AG)







Person(s) responsible for action (if any)

Date to be completed


Prayers were led by GS.



There were no declarations of interest.



The minutes of the 26th November meeting were agreed and signed.



Matters Arising;

Item 3. RH has converted 39 school policies to PDF format for the website. More to do, but it is a long process which should be complete by the next meeting.

Item 3.9. Re; Do children feel that they had an adult in school that they could go to if they were worried about anything? The children had been asked the question again – the result had been roughly the same as before but those children who had answered “no” said that they would speak to a parent or friend first, which was re-assuring. Younger children had found the question difficult to understand and of the 10% that answered “no”, the majority were in KS1.

Item 3.12. HJ reminded Chairs of committees to highlight questions in minutes.

TP arrived at the meeting.

Item 5. Only a small number of governors had used the online training. There were comments that although the training modules were good, some of the wording in the questions is ambiguous.



3rd action


Next mtg


Head teacher’s report.

PC asked for help from another governor to look at how other schools achieve and maintain an attendance statistic of over 95%. NK and AG offered to help.

PC said that she doesn’t want to authorise any family holidays.

Q. What absence is authorised?

A. On occasion, when we have families from a long way overseas, an extended break is authorised. Also, for weddings / funerals. After discussion it was agreed that no family holidays will be authorised and documentary evidence of exceptional circumstances may be requested. A letter will be sent to parents confirming the decision and when this takes effect. The holiday request form will also be reviewed and changed where necessary.

KCW joined the meeting.

The School Development Plan (SDP) has been updated. PC is very pleased with progress especially the impact that the phonics work has had, which shows in the assessments currently taking place.

PC will be working with a consultant next week to discuss results, taking into consideration the current assessment cycle. Will report at the next meeting, but reminded govs that it is a working document which is updated and available to governors throughout the year.

LA said that a secure area of the school website will be available to governors soon with access to the SDP, School Evaluation Form (SEF) for reference. LA to email the link and password once it’s been set up.

HJ said that all governors should be aware of the key things that are happening within the SEF, the strength and weaknesses, and what is being done to address any issues.

Also, in committee meetings, members should be asking “what do we need to do to move from good to outstanding?” There should be clear analysis with areas for attention within the SDP and in the finance committee, for example, are we allocating money correctly towards areas for improvement?

PC: Phonics in the foundation stage and year one and writing in year 2 (from last years stats) is good at the moment. Progress data shows excellent progress with a need to focus on attainment. The staff are wholeheartedly behind this and gives a great opportunity for the school to get a set of good results before the next expected Ofsted inspection.












































Next mtg.












Next mtg.







When available.


Chair’s Report.

HJ formally welcomed Andrew Gallini (AG) and Kate Chalker-Wye (KCW) to the governing body. AG is appointed through the Southwark Diocese and KCW through Holy Trinity Church.

As there has been confirmation from Ofsted that the school will not get an inspection until at least summer 2014, the focus should remain on continuing the process of reviewing procedures and structures as if we were still expecting an inspection soon.

The Governor’s Mark application is an ongoing process.



Committee Reports.

The finance committee is close to setting next year’s budget. It is looking healthy and will include a 3 year plan.



Governor’s Plan.

This is all up to date.   GS distributed a list of policies to Chair’s of committees detailing which policies need reviewing and when.

Q: Does each policy have to be reviewed each year?

A: GS – Yes, to keep each policy as a working document.   There may not be any changes necessary apart from dates, but it is useful to look over, to confirm that it is still current and working for the school’s needs.

There was a suggestion that a note should go in the newsletter to remind parents that policies are available to view on the school website.


When all are available.


Any other business.

The new governor’s details have to be added to the school website. HJ asked that all govs complete a short comment regarding themselves for the website.


Date of next meeting; Monday 25th March   at 6.15pm






Chair; Harry James




H.T Newspaper


Welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of Kingfisher Frenzy!


We hope you enjoy the next edition of our school newspaper Kingfisher Frenzy which we’ve written for all the pupils, parents, teachers and governors at Holy Trinity School Richmond. We have great fun dreaming up all the ideas and writing the stories, we hope you have as much pleasure reading it.

Ofsted Outstanding 2015


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