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Holy Trinity CE Primary School


Governors’ meeting (GB)

Quorum (one half of the number of governors in post)     Yes/No : YES

Chair: H. James
Clerk: L. Prendergast

Date of Meeting: 1st October 2012 - 6.15pm







Associate Member*


Harry James (HJ)




Penny Cox (Head) (PC)




Marie Ashton (MA)




Alex Ridall (AR)




Trevor Patterson (TP)



Apologies (fam reasons)

Geraldine Stride (GS)




Lee Jerwood (LJ)



Apologies (fam reasons)

Morag Lucas (ML)




Lucy Ashby (LA)




Robert Hawker (RH)




Tony Tresigne (AT)




Niki Crookdake (NC)




Michele Marcus (MM)




Claude Scott (CS)






Mrs Lexi Wakefield, Mr Wayne Phillips and Mr Andrew Gallini were present as observers.

* Tick box where appropriate




Person(s) responsible for action (if any)

Date to be completed


Prayers were led by GS



Declaration of Interest forms were distributed. To be returned by AR, TP and LJ asap.

AR, TP and LJ



LP was re-appointed as Clerk.



HJ was nominated as Chair by GS, seconded by RH and elected.

GS nominated as Vice Chair by NK, seconded by AR and elected.

It was noted that MM had reached the end of her term of office, however it was agreed that in order to continue her excellent work on community cohesion and Governor Mark, she would continue as an associate member.



The governor’s code of practice was adopted.



The minutes of the 25th June meeting were agreed and signed.



Matters arising.

Item 5. HJ is continuing his work with Paul Hodgins (Cabinet Minister for Education) and other Chairs of Governors. They are working on a model plan for governance within the borough which should be ready in the next month or so.

Item 7. HJ had distributed the governor’s evaluation forms. Of the replies received, there had been some good suggestions which had been implemented already.

Item 8. There are still some snagging issues to be concluded with Apollo. The football pitch is being re-turfed during half term, and some grass in places on the living roof is being replaced due to numerous leaks. There has been some wrangling between architects and builders regarding the specification of the roof. Money is still being withheld from Apollo until all matters are finalised.



List of policies;

RH still converting policies to PDF format before they go on to the website. Care must be taken to ensure they are changed as they are updated each year if necessary.


Next mtg
































































Head Teacher’s Report.

Discussing the end of year Key Stage results, PC reported it was important to analyse the data critically in order to decide what steps are to be taken in order to improve and be effective. This works into the SDP. Some areas are being delegated to subject co-ordinators from the Senior Leadership Team.

Thorough analysis will be available in October via Raise Online; PC recommended that govs have a look at the data (password and username in Chair’s report).

PC gave a Power Point presentation regarding the Local Authority KS1 data about the phonics test. (attached to minutes).

Q; Will literacy remain a key part of the SDP going forward?

A; Literacy will remain a key part of the SDP this year, with phonics being targeted in both EYFS and KS1. LSAs will also be giving targeted phonics work giving children additional support. The reception children will be staying at school all day after half term this year, giving them additional teacher time.

PC pointed out that the student profile within the school is more diverse than most other local authority schools (no. of children receiving free school meals, with additional educational needs etc). The school target for this year is to reach the local authority target, which is still seen as aspirational.

The KS1 result in maths had gone from 81 – 95% of children reaching level 2 or above, in line with the Richmond average. Maths had featured highly in the SDP last year with extra resources, introduction of maths families.

The reading and writing results were not as good as last year, and PC and LA have been looking in to why this had happened. One of the reasons given was the mobility of the children within the cohort.

Q; There has always been mobility, why has this produced a downward trend on this occasion?

A; Although children join and leave all the time,   on this occasion we had lost some higher attaining children and they had either not been replaced, or if new children had joined the school they have English as an additional language or came from completely different educational systems.

RH and AT requested that the SLT look at the movement in and out of other year groups year on year and report back. PC agreed to do this and report at the next curriculum committee meeting.

Q; Has the focus on maths impacted on literacy?

A; The extra focus on maths hadn’t taken any teaching time away from literacy, there had been other initiatives introduced over the year even though literacy wasn’t a focus for last year’s SDP.

KS2 data; PC distributed information from the DfE website regarding the breakdown of the Y6 cohort. All pupils had made at least 2 levels of progress from Y2 – Y6 for the second year running. Holy Trinity were the only Richmond school to achieve this.

PC and AR had taken part in a focus group with 2 other schools looking at how the learning support assistants are used. As a result of this, PC and the 2 other head teachers will be offering additional CPD as required, focussing on effective ways of working and increasing subject knowledge.

SDP; In ICT, the focus will be to ensure that the new resources are being used effectively. In sport, the “be the best you can be” initiative will continue, and we will be using the BUPA “start to move” project linked to the new curriculum.

End of term surveys;

PC is concerned that 10% of pupils answered “No” the question “Is there an adult you would go to if you were worried at school?” She will investigate further.

CS queried the comment on the staff questionnaire regarding the supervision of children on lunchtime detentions. PC replied that the matter had been raised in a SLT meeting and a rota will be put in place with a member of the SLT taking charge on specific days.

HJ noted the vast amount of hugely positive feedback from parents. Special mention was made to Mrs Skivington and Mrs Wadlow in the nursery, whose feedback was unanimously positive and grateful.

AR left the meeting.

Chairs Report.

HJ asked the question;

Q; As a governing body, should we set objectives each year, and if so, are we setting the correct ones?

A; RH thought it gave structure to the year, and was a positive step.

Governors objectives for the year were agreed as;

  1. The GB will undertake the Governor Mark process.
  2. All governors will visit the school at least once per half term with a specific purpose, including interacting with the children.
  3. All governors will record their visits to school on the form available from the office.

Governors visits;

These were encouraged as it helps the governors to get to know the staff and pupils and vice versa.   RH has had school lunch previously and will do so again shortly, in order to meet the children and see the standard of meals being served. When governors plan to visit, either individually or in small groups, they should let PC or HJ know what they would like to see / do and it will be planned accordingly. HJ also requested that challenge and discussions are minuted at committee level.

ML left the meeting.




















































































Committee Reports;

The minutes were agreed.   Chairs to sign and return copies to Clerk.

LA observed that the new format of minutes, highlighting the Qs and As make them more concise.

Committee chairs

Next mtg


Governor’s Plan;

This term’s work is almost up to date. HJ asked committee chairs to agree their terms of reference at their next meeting.

Chairs of committees

Next meeting


Any other business;

HJ advised governors to read page 12 of the Director of Education’s report, as it contains information regarding E-Learning training available to all governors. If governors undertake any training, let RH know.

The PTA quiz night is on 19th October.   Tickets available from the school office.

LA advised that the choir will be taking part in the Young Voices event at the O2 Arena on January 28th 2013. If any governors would like to go, please contact her for more information. There would also be 2 carol concerts before Christmas. Dates to follow.



Dates for next year;

26th November – followed by social event

4th February

25th March

29th April

24th June – all at 6.15pm



Date of next meeting; Monday 26th November at 6.15pm




Chair; Harry James

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