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Governors’ meeting (GB)
Quorum (one half of the number of governors in post) Yes/No : YES
Chair: Gerry Stride Clerk: L. Prendergast (LP)
Date of Meeting: 30th September 2015 - 6.30pm




Name Governor Associate Member Present/Absent/Apologies
Penny Cox (Head) (PC)   Present
Marie Ashton (MA)   Present
Suzie Durrant (SD)   Present
Trevor Patterson (TP)   Present
Geraldine Stride (GS)   Present
Lucy Ashby (LA)  √   Present
Robert Hawker (RH)

Tony Tresigne (AT)   Present
Niki Crookdake (NC)   Present
Michele Marcus (MM)  √   Present
Claude Scott (CS)   Present
Andrew Gallini (AG)   Present



Minute Person(s) responsible for action (if any) Date to be completed

 Prayers were led by TP.

2.  Apologies received and accepted from AT, SD and MM – details above.    

 LP was re-appointed as clerk

4. Harry James (former Chair) was invited.  He was thanked by GS on behalf of the FGB, staff and whole school community for his hard work over the years. Although not Chair last year, he had played a great part in the strength of the FBG as acknowledged in the recent Ofsted report.  There was a presentation of a bottle of champagne.Declaration of interest forms were distributed and returned during the course of the evening. Forms to be completed by 2 of the governors not present.     
5. Declaration of interest forms were distributed and returned during the course of the evening. Forms to be completed by 2 of the governors not present.  AT & MM  ASAP

LA nominated GS as Chair and MM as Vice Chair.  There were no further nominations and both governors were unanimously elected.


Minutes of the 29th June meeting. These were agreed and signed.


 Matters arising. Item 7.  There was a new agenda format for this meeting.  GS requested any suggested changes or amendments as govs wished. Item 9.  Dates for sub committee meetings for this academic year have been received by LP for the safeguarding and community cohesion committees. Others to follow asap. 

 All govs.


Chairs of cttees.

 As necessary


By return.


 Sub-committee terms of reference. These are the same as last year apart from safeguarding health and safety and 1 amendment to be added to finance. All committee ToR’s were agreed with the amendments.


 Sub-committee membership. GS felt that it was a great advantage during the Ofsted inspection to have experienced governors in post in committees.  There had been no requests by any governors to change which committees they are on, although any governor can attend any committee meeting as an observer. The committee memberships were agreed.


Governor responsibilities. These were agreed with the suggestion that all governors should meet their subject staff co-ordinator twice a year as best practice. 


 Code of conduct. No need to for governors to re-sign as it hasn’t changed from last year.  GS to arrange for JL to sign.


 Head teacher’s report. PC gave huge thanks for the strength of the governing body including their depth of knowledge and understanding of the school.  She reiterated how important it is to continue to drive forward and use the Ofsted judgement to carry on with confidence.   A primary school from Southampton had already spent the day here this term to see how we work. There is an action plan being put into place about barriers to learning that some children might think they have and how they can be helped to overcome these.  The school improvement partner is very interested in this piece of work. Q)  Why is maths not in the SDP? A)  Although there had been a blip in the year before last’s results, last year’s results were back on track so no focus in the SDP was felt necessary. Q)  With regard to “life without levels”, will there be a number or point that relates to previous levels to use as a baseline / starting point? A)  There are 2 very different systems in place but each child will be given a starting point.  There will be an update on life without levels as an agenda item at the next meeting. Q)  Now that the school has achieved the Outstanding Ofsted rating, what’s next?  How do we keep standards high? A)  There has always been high expectations of excellent teaching and learning and this will continue.  Teachers have their programme of appraisal and targets for their own professional development.  There is a lot of training available, and we have a link with a school in Sussex that needs help and support.  This will highlight some cpd opportunities.  The children will continue to have their “pupil voice” where they can say how they would like the school to move forward.


 Chair’s Report. Thanks to all governors that came in for the Ofsted interview – a record number according to the SDBE. Q)  How do we recognise the efforts and talents of staff? A)  A card signed by GS and MM was sent to every member of staff at the end of last term. Subject leaders will be given the opportunity to give a short briefing about their subject if they would like to at a future FGB meeting.

 PC  Will advise teachers.

 Year Plan. This was a work in progress last year and it is on-going.  It is very helpful for agenda planning.  GS to re-send.  Request for govs to email Chair if they notice any omissions, errors etc.

  Sub committee minutes. Personnel; Q)  Why are there still nursery places available? A)  There are currently 2 afternoon places available.  It was thought parents are choosing to use their 15 hours funded place with private nurseries that can give a whole days care.  The places will be filled by siblings in January if not before. Y1 has an additional child making the intake 61 altogether as part of the Fair Access Protocol which all Richmond schools have signed up to.    
16. Training. A reminder to let LP know once any training has been completed.  There is a lot on offer via the SDBE, AfC and GEL.    

Any other business.

Date of next meeting: Monday 30th Noverber at 6.30pm

  Signed Gerry Stride
Chair of Governors



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