Holy Trinity CE Primary School


Governors’ meeting (GB)
Quorum (one half of the number of governors in post) Yes/No : YES
Chair: Gerry Stride Clerk: L. Prendergast (LP)
Date of Meeting: 30th November 2015 - 6.30pm




Name Governor Associate Member Present/Absent/Apologies
Penny Cox (Head) (PC)   Present
Marie Ashton (MA)   Present
Suzie Durrant (SD)   Present
Trevor Patterson (TP)   Present
Geraldine Stride (GS)   Present
Lucy Ashby (LA)  √   Present
Robert Hawker (RH)

Tony Tresigne (AT)   Apologies (work commitment)
Niki Crookdake (NC)   Present
Michele Marcus (MM)  √   Present
Claude Scott (CS)   Present
Andrew Gallini (AG)   Apologies (daughter unwell)
Joe Lowther (JL)   Present



Minute Person(s) responsible for action (if any) Date to be completed

Prayers were led by TP.

2. Apologies received and accepted from AT and AG – details above.    

Declaration of Interest.



Minutes of the 30th September meeting.

These were agreed with the addition of a question in the Head Teacher’s report section. Signed by the Chair.


Matters arising;

Item 5.  Still waiting for DoI interest form to be returned by 1 governor.

Item 8.  Still awaiting confirmation of dates from Finance Committee.








Head teacher’s report.

Q)  Attendance has dipped by a small percentage.  Is there any reason for this?

A)  Historically, there are always more bugs, viruses etc. at this time of year.  There is also one child with very low attendance.  A number of strategies are being discussed to try to help the child.  There will probably be another dip this half term as a number of families request extra leave to visit family overseas. There was a request to have comparative data locally and nationally in future reports which PC agreed to.   

 PC   Next mtg.

Chair’s Report.

GS has received a few reports from governors having met their teacher counterpart.  There was a request that each governor had met their teacher and submitted a report by the end of the next half term (Feb 2016). There was notification of the junior carol service on 14/12 at 6pm at Holy Trinity Church and the Christmas lunch on 16/12 from 11.30am.  Govs to let LP know if they would be helping and would like to order a lunch.

Q)  What is the timescale regarding becoming multi academy trusts (MAT)?

A)  PC had attended a meeting at SDBE.  Colin Powell is due to meet the regional director which will be followed by another board meeting.  More details should be known early in 2016.

PC represents the Diocese Head teachers in Richmond and is due to meet her counterpart in Kingston.  She is taking a very cautious approach.  Governors will be kept updated and have the chance for a full and frank discussion when more is known.  This could include an extra-ordinary meeting if necessary.  

















As necessary




Pupil premium

The pupil premium statement is on the website.  Governors should all ensure that they are familiar with this. LA to have discussion with PC to decide if any more data needs to be added to the website statement.

JL due to attend SDBE training and will seek clarification there. 

 LA & PC



 Next mtg






Lots of quotes from the Ofsted report and annual evaluation cycle have been used in the SEF.  There was a request to have a key at the beginning of the document explaining what the judgements (1-4) mean.


The senior leadership team (SLT) have looked at the current data and 5 year plan.   Actions, impact and targets are being added throughout the year.  Subject co-ordinators plans are also fed in to the SDP.  Subject governors should ask to look at the action plans when meeting the relevant teacher. 

 PC   Next mtg.

Sub-committee minutes.

The admissions policy for 2017-18 required approval by the FGB.  It was agreed that this would be an agenda item in future.  The policy, previously agreed by personnel and SDBE, was discussed.  The numbering in the notes section needs to be amended and policy re-sent to govs.  RH agreed to do this.

Q)  What are the changes?

A)  Includes fair access protocol, education out of normal (chronological) age group, and additional church groups for foundation applications.

Q)  Do we know how many Christians attend HT?

A)  We have an idea, but we don’t know how many attend church regularly. With the amendments above, the FGB unanimously approved the admissions policy.  GS to notify govs not present in order to be assured of their approval. It will now be sent out for a 6 week consultation period to local VA schools.

Curriculum & Standards. 

GS to email the Powerpoint presentation as mentioned on p3 of the minutes.


Q) Is there space and money available to build an extra room(s)?

A)  Yes, looking at extending in to the courtyard outside the POD. 

Q)  How is spending against the budget?

A)  It is looking as if the budget is better than anticipated.  This is due to extra income received that hadn’t been anticipated.  It could be because of an increase in pupil numbers or a re-imbursement.

Community cohesion strategy.

JL really liked the document.  He suggested that the ethos be moved to p1.  Also to include out of hours activities on site such as the Kick London Academy on Sunday, Choi Kwang Do etc.  JL to send website link to SMSC to MM. 






















JL to MM 
























Governor training.

Govs to inform LP once training completed.  All training should be refreshed every 3 years. LP has completed the SWLSEP Clerk’s Development Course.


Any other business.

SD commended the school on the huge range of sporting activities available to the children.  Adding that it is very inclusive, the children and staff are very enthusiastic. She has a place in the 2016 London Marathon and would like to organise “HT runs a marathon” where each child would run 100m in aid of the NSPCC.  This could also include a similar event (with longer distances) for staff, parents and governors.        Signed;Date; Chair; Gerry Stride.


Date of next meeting; Monday 25th January 2016 at 6.30pm 

  Signed Gerry Stride
Chair of Governors



H.T newspaper


Governor Meetings

Governor Meetings

The full governing body (FGB) meetings this academic year are being held as follows;

Monday 26th June at 6.30pm

If you would like to attend a FGB meeting as an observer, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the clerk; Mrs Louise Prendergast 
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your request at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting, giving your reason for wanting to attend. We will let you know if it's appropriate to attend. All minutes are available on the website.

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