Holy Trinity CE Primary School


Governors’ meeting (GB)
Quorum (one half of the number of governors in post) Yes/No : YES
Chair: Gerry Stride Clerk: L. Prendergast (LP)
Date of Meeting: 29th June 2015 - 6.15pm




Name Governor Associate Member Present/Absent/Apologies
Penny Cox (Head) (PC)   Present
Marie Ashton (MA)   Present
Suzie Durrant (SD)   Present
Trevor Patterson (TP)   Absent.  Apologies not received.
Geraldine Stride (GS)   Present
Lucy Ashby (LA)  √   Present
Robert Hawker (RH)

Tony Tresigne (AT)   Apologies (work commitment)
Niki Crookdake (NC)   Present
Michele Marcus (MM)  √   Present
Claude Scott (CS)   Present
Andrew Gallini (AG)   Apologies (daughter unwell)



Minute Person(s) responsible for action (if any) Date to be completed

 1. Prayers were led by GS.

2.  Apologies received and accepted from AT and AG.    

 Declarations of Interest. None.

4.  School council report. Mr Daniel O’Sullivan (year 5 teacher) read out the presentation that had been written by the Chair of the school council as the representatives hadn’t arrived.  It detailed how the council works and what they had been discussing this year.  The Chair arrived. Q)  How is the Chair elected? A)  Each class elects 2 representatives and a Chair is then elected from those representatives. The Chair was congratulated on his report and the council’s work this year.    

PTA report. Wayne Phillips (WP – Treasurer) and Jackie Marie (JM – Chair) were welcomed to the meeting.  They read a report detailing the year in summary (attached). The main focus currently is new storage for the PTA and new equipment for the playground. It was noted how well the PTA structure had worked this year and huge thanks was given to the whole PTA team from PC on behalf of the children and GS on behalf of the governors.


 Minutes of the 11th May meeting. These were agreed as correct and signed.


 Matters arising. Item 8.  Although the volume of papers wasn’t discussed at the Steering Committee meeting, it was felt that there had been less distributed recently.  There was discussion surrounding the format of the agenda with requests for the documents sent to be linked to agenda items so that govs could be sure that they had received everything.  GS to look at a new format going forward. AG still to sign committee meeting minutes. Item 10.  MA stated that there wasn’t anything to add to the maths and sports reports. GS invited any interested governors to the next Curriculum and Standards meeting on 13th July at 6.30pm where data will be discussed.  The minutes of this meeting will be sent out before the end of term.                 

  GS AG        Next mtg. ASAP    

Assessment, progress and targets. As the KS2 SAT’s results haven’t arrived yet PC gave a brief résumé based on teacher assessments for year 6. Data, including SAT’s results will be discussed thoroughly at the meeting on 13th July as mentioned above.   The phonics test results are in line with last year and in-year progress looks very strong, an excellent result given the profile of the children. A focus for next year will be reading for one of the year 5 classes. The year 6 teacher assessments have exceeded the targets for reading and writing. Reading, writing & maths (TA) – level 4 – 90%  target was 87% Putting us with top 25% of schools nationally level 5 – 40%  target was 43% Putting us with top 20% of schools with similar cohorts PC is running 2 parent’s data information sessions on 15th July at 2 and 8pm.  All govs invited if they wish to attend.


 Committee reports. Safeguarding.  Q)  Has a complaint against a member of staff been resolved? A)  Yes. SD thanked PC for the quality of the safeguarding assembly she had delivered recently. Finance.  In order to meet the projected budget over the next 3 years changes had been made to staff costs and depreciation. More experienced teachers have been recruited and some teaching assistants that are leaving are not being replaced.  Q)  Does this mean that some classes will not have a dedicated teaching assistant? A) Yes, some may work across year groups, but PC is confident that this will not affect the quality of teaching and learning.  Teaching assistants will no longer cover PPA time – this will be covered by dedicated PPA cover teachers. The budget is in line with last year’s 3 year forecast. The budget was unanimously approved. Clerk requested that all Chairs sign and return their approved minutes and that she is informed of the committee meeting dates for 2015-16 as early as possible once set.

Chairs of cttees.   Ongoing.

Head teacher’s report. (Including Item 12 Update on five year plan) PC gave a verbal report – (summary attached).


Chair’s Report. GS formally welcomed JL to the FGB.  She also thanked the governors for completing the 360 degree report and for the positive comments received. The governors’ self-evaluation questionnaire was distributed.  The clerk has also sent this electronically.  Responses to GS by Wednesday 13th July please.  There will be a report on the outcomes at the next meeting. The governor year plan (Item 13)

GS   Next mtg.

 Update on five year plan Included in head teacher’s report


Governor year plan GS reported that this would be complete once the curriculum & standards committee had looked at the progress and assessment update including the SAT’s results


Governor training. All govs to keep clerk updated with any training undertaken.  Also asked to be aware that training should be updated every 3 years (2 for safeguarding lead).


Any other business. Two parents have made a film at school “A day in the life of Holy Trinity”.  This will be shown to the pupils on Friday and at the summer social on Saturday.  It will also be put on the website. Dates of full governors meetings for 2015-16: Wednesday 30th September Monday 30th November Monday 25th January Monday 14th March Monday 9th May Monday 27th June all at 6.30pm

  Signed: Gerry Stride, Chair of Governors    



H.T newspaper


Governor Meetings

Governor Meetings

The full governing body (FGB) meetings this academic year are being held as follows;

Monday 26th June at 6.30pm

If you would like to attend a FGB meeting as an observer, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the clerk; Mrs Louise Prendergast 
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your request at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting, giving your reason for wanting to attend. We will let you know if it's appropriate to attend. All minutes are available on the website.

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