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Netball Match Surprise

By Gracie Caine

Holy Trinity Netball TeamWhat a match, we were all very excited and were ready to take our moment in the spotlight!!! We played Meadlands and it seemed like it was their first match. As we stepped onto the court the adrenalin was pumping as we took our positions and got ready to fight for victory. My hands felt slippery from all the sweat. Suddenly I felt an urge of energy as the referee (Aylia, our netball coach) called Trinity over to do heads and tails. Fortunately the Meadlands’ captain guessed heads and the coin landed on tails! Steven took the centre pass and so the game began…

Soon after the centre pass Trinity, our amazing shooter, got the ball and took an awesome shot. Unfortunately she missed, then after a while got one in. As the first quarter ended Aylia pulled us off and we had an encouraging group talk.

After that, we were encouraged to pull our sleeves up and play like we mean it. As the game went on many more gaols were perfectly targeted into the net and it was looking like HT success.

When Aylia blue the final whistle every one was ever so happy as we knew that we had finally done it!!! We gave the other team 3 cheers and went inside for some well-earned drinks and biscuits. The score ended up as 7-1 to us.

Many thanks to,

                    Rebecca, Gracie, Freddy, Stephen, Peter, Molly and Trinity

And thank you for all the support and help from Miss Ashby, Sue and our amazing coach Aylia and all the team from motive8.