Selection Process For Teams

•Borough Leagues and Tournaments - These children are selected on ability as they will be facing the best teams from schools around the Borough. In most cases the children will be picked from the respective after-school clubs in collaboration with the sports coaches. If a child is not able to join a club at Holy Trinity but they have a talent for a particular sport then in some rare cases they will be selected outside of the extra-curricular clubs


•Inter-shool athletics events (E.g. Borough Sports) - Children are selected based on their performance at running club, PE lessons and the HT Summer Sports Event


•Swimming Gala - All KS2 children are invited to the HT Swimming Gala trials and then a squad will be picked based on the fastest times.


•At Holy Trinity we are committed to providing as many children as possible with the chance to represent the school at competitive sport. We work in collaboration with other schools to provide extra games and tournaments, outside of the Borough organised events. Holy Trinity hosts our own football and tag-rugby tournaments with other schools and enters competitions provided by neighbouring Boroughs such as the Brentford FC football tournament in Isleworth. For these matches and tournaments, priority is given first to children who attend after-school sports clubs and those who might not regularly get a chance to represent the school.


•In addition to the inter-school competitions, Holy Trinity also provides termly intra-house competitions across a number of sports for all children in years 3,4,5 and 6. By the end of KS2 all children at Holy Trinity will have experienced playing for their House team in a competitive event.