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Governors’ meeting (GB)
Quorum (one half of the number of governors in post) Yes/No : YES
Chair: Gerry Stride Clerk: L. Prendergast (LP)
Date of Meeting: 11th May 2015 -6.15pm




Name Governor Present/Absent/Apologies
Penny Cox (Head) (PC) Present
Marie Ashton (MA) Present
Suzie Durrant (SD) Present
Trevor Patterson (TP) Present
Geraldine Stride (GS) Present
Lucy Ashby (LA)  √ Present
Robert Hawker (RH) Present
Tony Tresigne (AT) Present
Niki Crookdake (NC) Present
Michele Marcus (MM)  √ Present
Claude Scott (CS) Present
Andrew Gallini (AG) Apologies (daughter unwell)

         Mrs Kate Patterson (KP) - school Chaplain and Mr Joe Lowther (parent) were also present.


Minute Person(s) responsible for action (if any) Date to be completed

 Prayers were led by Mrs Patterson.


Chaplain’s Report.

KP discussed her role. She stated that there is a strong connection between Holy Trinity Church (HTC) and school. Her role is a pastoral one – listening rather than counselling, but referring on to counsellors if requested or necessary. Children and staff are also seen for a confidential conversation. Kate did comment that space is sometimes an issue and a dedicated area would be helpful but she appreciates that space is at a premium.

Kate is also involved in school worship planning – devising a series of “Unlikely heroes in the Bible”, also assisting with RE lessons and visits that the children make to Holy Trinity Church.   Parenting classes have also been run, both at school and HTC and will continue going forward.AT joined the meeting.

KP continued that she is working with Karis Kids which is also supported by the school, she will be visiting there in the summer and will meet up with Brian who has been sponsored through his education for a number of years now. She will be running a stall at the summer fair where children can make friendship bracelets to take on her trip.

Q) Does the chaplain have a voice on the school website?

A) Yes, and there is also a link to Karis Kids and HTC.

Q) Does she work with families of other, or no faith?

A) There are regular notices in the weekly newsletter so any parent can get in touch, and any child in school can speak to the chaplain.


Joe Lowther was introduced to the GB as a prospective foundation governor. He spoke briefly about his family and employment history.

4. Apologies were received and accepted for AG.    

RE & Worship report.

GS explained how RE is taught including the year plan and assessment process that has been devised by Mrs Trought (RE Co-ordinator).PC discussed the SIAM’s Toolkit. This is a document giving very detailed information of every aspect of RE teaching, worship and our Christian distinctiveness. It is a working document that governors should be aware of and can be sent on request.

Q) What is the difference in how RE is taught at Holy Trinity compared to a non-Church school?

A) Not very much. RE is a statutory subject. Maintained schools would have a weekly RE lesson with a majority Christian input and daily acts of worship. Holy Trinity might spend a little longer each week on these lessons.Thanks was given to Mrs Trought for the quality and quantity of work that she has done with the subject.

Q) Does Godly Play work for boys – particularly those with autism?

A) Yes, they are well supported in the lessons. Individual children decide how they want to participate. It can be just listening, playing, with art or working quietly. Boys are equally as positive about Godly Play as girls.KP and Joe Lowther left the meeting.

 Any govs.  If requested.

Declaration of Interest.

There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of 23rd March meeting.

These were agreed with a correction and signed by the Chair.


Matters arising.

Item 5. AG has sent his statement for the website.

Item 7. AT explained that the 3 year budget will be tight, with depreciation protected for major assets of the school.

Item 8. The volume of paperwork distributed for this meeting had been significantly reduced. Chair looking at ways to reduce this further, and will discuss with the steering committee later on in the term.

Unsigned committee meeting minutes were distributed to Chairs for signature. AG still to sign as absent.

Q) Request that the agenda be more specific about any reports that will be given verbally so that govs are not searching for them.Item 9. PC and GS attended the meeting about multi academy trusts (MAT) and reported on the various ways that they could operate. Some already exist in Richmond and it was reported that there is to be an open consultation about Richmond Park Academy forming a MAT with other local primary schools (not HT). Concerns have been raised about reduced access at RPA for our children if this happens. The date for the consultation will be distributed when it is known. The Diocese is also looking at the impact MATs might have.

Item 10. The figures have been added to the pay policy.

Item 13. TP has run the marathon to fund raise for the Karis Kids Charity.


Equality Objectives Review.

LA read the objectives to the meeting. They were agreed and will be distributed with these minutes.


Curriculum reports.

GS has included a summary with the papers for this meeting but is happy to send full reports to any governors that ask.MA and AT to add relevant points from their maths and sports reports respectively.AT talked through the sports report. There is a lot more sport taking place throughout the school. The pe co-ordinator (Alex Auton) is entering the school for the Gold Kite mark, which is an aspirational target. Thanks noted to Alex and Helen Lascaris from last year for their excellent work and also the dedication of the support staff and impact of including sport in the SDP.

 MA and AT  ASAP

Committee reports.

Personnel update; A Deputy Inclusion Manager has been appointed and will begin on a 0.8 contract in September.


Head teacher’s report.

PC has met with all of the support staff. There are a couple of vacancies in the Kingfisher Club and a teaching post to recruit for September.


Chair’s report.

The governor’s action plan had been distributed following recommendations from the SIAMs and Governor Mark reports.MM is to distribute a 360 degree review questionnaire about GSs performance. GS requested that all governors respond honestly and punctually.KCW has resigned as a governor for personal reasons. Joe Lowther will be welcomed to the GB if it is agreed at the next PCC meeting. There will then still be one foundation governor vacancy (HT PCC).There was a request that all governor’s newsletters could be 'ParentMailed' to parents in future.


Governor’s Year Plan.

All up to date for this term so far.

15. Any other business.PC is running 2 data information sessions for parents on Wednesday 15th July in the day and evening.    
 16. Date of next meeting Monday 29th June at 6.15pm.  
  Signed Gerry Stride
Chair of Governors



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