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Governors’ meeting (GB)
Quorum (one half of the number of governors in post) Yes/No : YES
Chair: Gerry Stride Clerk: L. Prendergast (LP)
Date of Meeting: 25th January 2016 - 6.30pm




Name Governor Associate Member Present/Absent/Apologies
Penny Cox (Head) (PC)   Present
Marie Ashton (MA)   Present
Suzie Durrant (SD)   Present
Trevor Patterson (TP)   Present
Geraldine Stride (GS)   Present
Lucy Ashby (LA)  √   Present
Robert Hawker (RH)

Tony Tresigne (AT)   Apologies (work commitment)
Niki Crookdake (NC)   Absent - apologies not rcvd.
Michele Marcus (MM)  √   Present
Claude Scott (CS)   Present
Andrew Gallini (AG)   Apologies (work commitment)
Joe Lowther (JL)   Present
Peter Frith   Present



Minute Person(s) responsible for action (if any) Date to be completed

Prayers were led by TP.

2. Apologies received from AG & AT    
  Peter Frith was welcomed as a new member of the governing body.    

Declaration of Interest.


Declaration of Interest form to be returned by PF








SEND Report.

Katie Hearsum (Inclusion manager) distributed a summary detailing the number of children with additional needs, the type of support they require, types of professionals used and amount of time spent with each child depending on need.

Q) How do you measure if support has made a change?

A) There are many discussions before a child is put on to the SEN register.  A child might not be put on if there is a short term fix that might help him/her.  Once a child is on the SEN register it follows them throughout their school career. Assessments and recommendations are made throughout the year as with all children.

Q) Are children helped when they move to secondary school?

A) Transition begins in year 5 and the secondary school is known for each child towards the end of February in Y6.  There are meetings with the new school and visits made by the child and their 1:1 support.

Q) As the government are aiming to reduce the number of EHCPs how are we as a school preparing for an increase in numbers, particularly with regard to finance?

A) The government has stated that the threshold won’t change and that each child with a Statement would get an EHCP, although it is hard to get new EHCPs through due to the local authority’s deficit.  We have to provide good evidence of how our delegated budget is spent – which is the case.  We also have a good reputation within the local authority for our SEN provision. 

MA joined the meeting.

KH and her team were praised and thanked for their work.


Minutes of the 11th November meeting.

These were agreed and signed.



Matters arising;

Comparative figures for attendance and a map of the school were distributed as requested.





Admissions policy.

There was a lot of discussion following consultation about the proposed 2017-18 admissions policy.

PC was happy that there had been a number of responses from parents ranging from asking that the policy should remain as is in regard to the number of foundation places available and those that would like foundation places removed from the policy altogether.

Although the responses in support of maintaining the current policy outweighed those in favour of change, we have never been in the situation, at offer time, of needing more foundation places than those available.  It was also noted that all children that received a foundation place in September 2015 (5) would have received an offer based on distance any way.

Q)  Do we consult with the Church?

A)  Yes, the policy is checked and agreed by the SDBE legal department, and TP, as vicar of Holy Trinity, represents the views of the PCC.

Q)  How do we prove that we have consulted?

A) Emailing local VA schools, the Diocese and Local Authority with the proposals.  Telling the parents, and through minutes of meetings. As soon as it goes for consultation it is also put on the school website.


The following points were also raised

• There are local churches, outside our current distance for foundation places where members, even if they desired places, cannot apply.

• Is church attendance a sufficient measure?

• Holy Trinity School is both faith based and serves the local community

• If foundation places were removed the ethos wouldn’t be any different.


Although there was understanding of the letter asking for foundation places being withdrawn, it was felt that the governors could be relaxed that there has been integrity within the process, it has been well debated and the policy will be looked at in future (as it has been up to now) at the beginning of the autumn term as a point on the Governor’s Year Plan.


It was agreed that, at this stage, there were no grounds for review. A vote was therefore taken on the proposal to keep the policy as it is and revisit in the autumn term.

The proposal was unanimously agreed.  


Statement on use of PE and Sports Premium.

LA distributed a copy which is also available on the school website. It was noted that the local authority have used our sports premium report as an exemplary piece of work.

Thanks were given to LA, Alex Auton (pe co-ordinator) and April Owens (finance officer) for their work on the report.







Observers at FGB meetings.

Following a request from a parent to attend this meeting, GS asked the FGB what they feel about having parent observers at meetings. The general feeling was that whilst it is important to be open and transparent at the meetings, and there hadn’t been any problems in the past, there should be a protocol that any potential observers should be made aware of.

This would include a set period of time in advance of a meeting that the parent should ask to attend, being aware that they can’t make any comment or enter any discussions taking place, and that they might be asked to leave the meeting if a confidential matter is being discussed.

There was a request that a form be produced that the observer would sign to confirm that they agree with the above.

All FGB minutes are available on the school website once they have been agreed.













Next mtg


Head teacher’s report.

An amendment to the report was to add that Lee Reynolds has also been involved in NQT observations for the borough. The SDP and SEF would be updated in the second half of this term.


Chair’s report.

GS encouraged the FGB to get in touch with Mandie Lambert (science co-ordinator) if they have any interest or knowledge in the subject.  She is leading in application for the Gold award.  This involves organising an outreach day which should make an impact on the local community.  Mandie is arranging a session with local cub groups to help them attain their Science Badge.  The provisional date is April 23rd.

SD added that Mandie teaches one of her children and thanked her for being so inspirational in the subject.









This is all on track and will be updated as in item 10.

The SLT are very involved in Life Without Levels with local schools including setting up moderation sessions.  There would be data available during the summer term.

PC had meetings with interested parents to explain how it is working which had been positively received.



Sub-committee minutes.


Q) What does 17,500 lunchtimes in the juniors mean?

A)  It is the total number of lunchtimes taken by all of the junior children in a term.  It put in to context that 1 in every 438 lunchtimes is a detention.

Q)  Why is there a spike at the end of term?

A)  Probably because the time table tends to change and the children and staff are usually very tired by then.  The SLT will look at how end of term changes are dealt with.


Q) In light of the Outstanding Ofsted and SIAMs inspections last year, is the 1 point uplift in PCs salary enough?

A) A lot of thought and discussion went in to the decision and it was decided that it was the correct one.

Q) How will the school celebrate Mrs Skivington and Mrs Fitzpatrick’s retirements?

A) This will be decided shortly – if any governors have any suggestions, please let PC know.


Q)  Is the school likely to run out of money?

A)  No, but there is a very fine line between having too large an amount carried forward, keeping it for future needs, and potentially losing money if the local authority decide to take some back – which may be a possibility. The FGB were informed that PC has received an email from the Director of Finance to make her aware that the school is currently spending more on salaries than we are receiving for staff.  She was aware of this, and it is part of a plan to do so because we have other funds and children that need use of it.  This may have to stop at some point in the next 3 years.  There is also a building plan which is expected to go ahead as this has already been budgeted for.



Any govs






Govs should let LP know once any training has been completed.


Any other business.

GS has received an email from the Chair of the PTA asking for ideas on how the PTA can help with the “Involve and Inspire” theme for this year.  After discussion it was agreed that the govs are happy with PC’s discussions with the Chair and, as the governors’ role is strategic rather than operational, it isn’t within their remit to advise how PTA funds should be sent.


Date of next meeting; Monday 25th January 2016 at 6.30pm 

  Signed Gerry Stride
Chair of Governors



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