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Bored over Christmas?

Here is a Christmas STEM Challenge to keep you busy! Make and Test a Toboggan!

Did you know … the longest toboggan (sledge) run in the world is “Big Pintenfritz” in Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps. It measures 15km and takes well over an hour to sledge down!

You could try to find out:

• Where the word toboggan comes from.

• Which big mountains are in the Alps.

• What types of sledge are available to buy.

• How dog teams work to pull sleds in snowy conditions.

You could complete the following activity by making one toboggan of your own and testing it against other people’s or make a few different toboggans of your own and test them against each other! Make your toboggan using the following resources:

• cardboard tubes • lolly sticks • paper • string • Sellotape

Create a slope for the toboggans to run down. Test, discuss and answer the following questions: Which is the fastest? Which is the most sturdy? Does adding weight to the toboggan make a difference? How are you making sure your test is fair? How could you record your results?

If you have a go be sure to bring your ideas to Mrs Lambert for a certificate and Super Scientist badge!

Science Rocks

In Year 4 we have done a Science project all about air pollution with Cleaner air 4 schools.  We learnt about air pollution and then tested how much pollution is around our school.  Then we made suggestions about how to make it better.Tigi Elsmore

These are our results:We found really high pollution at the level crossing.  It is also quite high at the end of Carrington Road and by the Sheen Road traffic lights.

Come and see your full results at the Science Stall at our Summer Fair on June 25th!


Come up with some very convincing reasons to explain why you think it is that animal. Get a Science badge and certificate if you can persuade me! See Mrs Lambert in Tiger Class

This term our new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Club has started and we have been meeting on Thursday lunchtimes.  

We have signed up to Mission : Starlight, which is linked with the International Space Station.  Our mission is to find out which materials will help protect astronauts from UV light.  

You can find out more here - there is an interesting video. 

We'll be sure to post our results, and send them to Tim Peake too!

ws Planet Earth 1600x1200

Jess Gold will be coming in with her band to start the day off! We will be writing songs about planet Earth and thinking about how we can look after it. We will also learn some other songs and sing the Transportation song we learnt in singing assembly. Here is the link if you want to sing it at home!​

We are really excited about all the investigative science that we will be doing throughout the day and as you will be choosing what to explore who knows where we will land up! We will be posting lots of photos of the day up on the website next week so keep a look out!

Why don't you have a look at the wonderful David Attenborough's blog on The Great Barrier Reef? It's a great website and if you look carefully you will definitely find Nemo...