Lorna Shepley Teaching Assistant Falcon Class | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your job title / role:
LSA in Giraffe class.


How many years you have worked at Holy Trinity?
One year as a volunteer and this year (2011) is my first as an LSA.


What do you love about Holy Trinity? 
I love the feeling of being part of one big family where all are loved and accepted, natured,encouraged and card for equally.


What has been your most notable achievement over the last few years? 
Doing an NVQ and raising my children.


What are your ambitions, both professionally and personally for the next few years?
To thrive in my new role and to gain as much experience as possible, to live up to other’s expectations of me through this watch myself and my family reap the benefits, grow and be happy.


What do you remember most about your own time at primary school and does this impact on your work now? 
It was a very long time ago but I remember primary with fondness, warm teachers who cared for us and liked us: I hope the children feel that from me.


What were your favorite subjects at school, and did you ever have any dislikes?
English and drama. I did not like the black gowns worn by heads of departments!


Finally, if you had to give one or two words of advice to the children at Holy Trinity what would it be?  
Make the most of your time in school to learn as much as you can. Good manners will carry you far.