Year 2


Verity Da Costa Teacher Eagle Class | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



What do you love about Holy Trinity?

The staff and children! They are such fun to see and learn with every day. I love that Holy Trinity school makes sure that whatever we do is best for the children here. 

What has been your most notable achievement over the last few years?

Becoming a teacher! It was a dream I had since I can remember. It’s such a privilege teaching and I sometimes get pinch me moments when I see the children learn and achieve something.

What are your ambitions, both professionally and personally for the next few years?
I certainly want to be the best teacher I can be, it’s a job where you never stop learning. I also am learning the bass guitar at the moment and I’d love to visit Australia at some point!

What do you remember most about your own time at primary school and does this impact on your work now?

I remember the fun we had in school like celebrating Christmas or lessons where we could pursue something we were interested in. My goal for now is that the children are having fun in their learning!

What were your favourite subjects at school, and did you ever have any dislikes?!

I think I enjoyed most of them, although I remember not liking French for some reason!

Finally, if you had to give one or two words of advice to the children at Holy Trinity what would it be?
Never give up if you find anything tricky! Ask your teachers, friends and family to help you and you’ll get it!