Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                                                25/11/2020

Follow the guidelinesWe are one of a minority of schools that so far have been lucky enough not to have to close any of our bubbles because a child or member of staff has contracted coronavirus. We would love it to stay that way so with that in mind, can we please remind everyone to remain vigilant and follow the Government guidelines - we are aware of some children who have been talking about play dates in each other’s homes. If your child is displaying any symptoms of COVID, please keep them at home and get them tested. Likewise, if anybody else in your household is displaying symptoms that could be COVID, please keep your children at home whilst testing takes place. We are thankful to those of you wearing face coverings at the school gate as again this is another way of reducing the possibility of transmission between adults when social distancing is challenging.

Anti-bullying weekLast week was anti-bullying week across the UK. Having started the week wearing odd socks, we also spent time thinking about what bullying is, in its different forms, the impact it has and why some people are bullies. Do chat to your children about this as they demonstrated great understanding and a recognition of how important it is to report it if they are ever aware it is going on.

Joe Wicks WorkoutThe whole school, including many of the teachers, put on their PE kits today for the Joe Wicks workout. The children particularly enjoyed seeing his dog wander onto the set keen to be involved too.

Class AssemblyThe whole school watched Otter Class assembly on Friday via GoogleMeet. The Otters had written and produced their assembly then presented it as a short film which will be shared with their parents. The theme was the ABC of science which demonstrated the breadth and importance of science but also clearly showed that Mrs Lambert has inspired her class to love science too.

Children in NeedThank you for your generosity - we managed to collect £652.55 which has now been passed on to the charity.

AdventAs advent begins this coming weekend, we lit the first of the candles on our advent wreath in Collective Worship this week. The first candle is the candle of hope. We, as a school, want to offer hope to those less fortunate than ourselves so throughout advent we plan to run ‘reverse advent calendars’ as trialled by year 3 last year. More details will follow.

Virtual TourAs we are unable to show potential parents around our school at the moment, we will shortly be making a promotional video/virtual tour of the school. We are aware that we do not have permission to film a number of children in the school and will take that into account. We did however want to warn you prior to filming taking place just in case there is anyone else who does not want their child filmed for this purpose.

Real Runners If your child attends our Real Runners group on Tuesday mornings, they will know Kevin their coach has recently completed the virtual New York Marathon. A big congratulations to him as he completed it in 2 hrs 23 minutes 48 seconds. This is the fastest time in the world for the event and only 2 minutes off his best time. You can watch Kevin’s Virtual marathon journey here.    

Birthday BookThank you to Oscar in Eagle class and a very happy birthday.

Values ChampionsOur Reception classes have been focusing on demonstrating the value of Aspiration through resilience. Zebra's values champions last week were Hannah and Niam and Giraffe’s were Bee and Fraser.Throughout the rest of the school our values champions were: Isabelle, Alvaro, Tabitha, Zara, Oliver, Leila, Matheus, Kayson, Benjamin R., Shaya, Liam, Seth, Laura, Molly, Toby, Mara, Jack, Sienna, Danielle, Brielle, Zac, Eli, Apolenka, Alexa and Leo.

House Cup for team points: Pankhurst                

Attendance: Overall 97.59%             Falcons 99.4%