Holy Trinity Newsletter                                  15/01/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Since returning from Christmas, and following consultation last term, we have started to introduce our revised Vision and Values. Do ask your children to see if they can remember what they are: ‘Love learning, love one another, love God.’Aspiration Love Community We will show this value through:Resilience Creativity Perseverance Courage We will show this value through:CompassionTruthKindnessForgiveness We will show this value through:InclusivityFriendship Respect Responsibility 

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Important Information 

Operation EncompassThe school has signed up to Operation Encompass. This is a system where the Metropolitan Police report to schools, prior to the start of the next day, when a child has been exposed to, or involved in, any domestic incident. Operation Encompass will ensure that the Designated Safeguarding Lead in school is informed and then able to use this information, in confidence, to make any necessary provision for difficulties experienced by children or their families as a result of a domestic abuse incident.

Trailblazer Mental HealthWe are very proud to be part of the Trailblazer project for Richmond as part of the Green paper on Mental Health with the aim of 'Transforming mental health provision for children and young people in schools'. We will have access to a Mental Health Support Team (MHST) who will provide additional expertise, capacity and support to help us treat mild to moderate mental health issues and support mental health & wellbeing. As part of the project, Hampton Hill Junior School are running a free 8 week course called ‘Being a Parent’, run by parents for parents to bring up happy, co-operative and confident children. It will run from 11am to 1pm from 24th January to 27th March (excluding half term. Please contact their school office if you would like to book your place: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technology in the home Please find attached two documents which you may find helpful. One discusses the control of ‘screen time’ and the other offers support in how to apply parental restrictions to various devices.

Chaplains Message

I was given a lovely book of ink drawings by Charlie Mackesy this Christmas; "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse" here these four friends journey along in life together. One line early on in the book struck me whilst thinking about the New Year... [the Mole says] "Most of the old moles I know wish they had listened less to their fears and more to their dreams" My prayer for us all this January is that we may know God is living among us and with his love, he will calm all our fears and as Zephaniah 3:17 says He will rejoice over you with joyful singing!

Congratulations to:

Those children in years 5 and 6 that took part in the National Primary Mathematics Challenge in November. We had 8 children who achieved a Bronze level results, 2 who achieved a silver level result and 2 who achieved a gold level result. 

Junior Certificates: Willem, Ivo, Dean, Matthew, Ava N, Sienna, Milan, Alex, Toby, Joshua, Rose D, Mariella, Oliver.

Infant Sticker Chart: Jennah, Cinar, Edie, Mazen, Laura, George, Nicolas, Liza, Casper, Francis.