Holy Trinity Newsletter                           29/01/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we have been considering different ways of keeping ourselves safe both in school and out. We had a fire drill on Monday and are practising our Time to Hide (lockdown) procedure later in the week. Teachers have also been raising awareness of how to stay safe near railways and rivers.We were informed yesterday that next Tuesday, 4th February, Holy Trinity will have a SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspection. This will focus on the impact of the school’s Christian vision and ethos through our provision. We are all really proud of Holy Trinity School and look forward to welcoming the inspector next week. If any of you would like to submit supportive comments related to this, we can pass them on to her.Many thanks

Alison This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Important Information

Kingfisher FundThank you to those of you who have set up standing orders or given one off donations to the Kingfisher Fund so far – we are very grateful. £790 has been given to this fund during January so far - if we could reach £1000 this would be the equivalent to amount needed to pay for 6 months of our Mathletics subscription or 2 weeks of electricity or 3 First Aid courses.If you would like to contribute to the Kingfisher Fund the bank details are as follows:Account name: Kingfisher Fund       Sort code: 602203           Account Number: 63531925 

School Dinners

Do chat to your children if they are in Reception, year 1 or year 2 to see if they are enjoying their school lunches. If you are aware that your child is quite particular about what they like to eat, they may prefer a healthy packed lunch from home. We seem to be having quite a lot of food being thrown away by our infants who say they do not like what they have been offered. If you do decide that your child would prefer a packed lunch, please inform the office in writing but note that they will require a week’s notice. 

Parent Consultation Meetings

Our Parent consultation Meetings will be held on Tuesday 11th February between 2pm and 7pm. I you are likely to struggle to attend on this day, do please speak to the class teacher who will try to make alternative arrangements.

Chaplains Message

Whether it’s David versus Goliath, or Shrewsbury v Liverpool everybody loves an underdog story. Tales of the underdog fighting the giant resonate with people across the world. It doesn’t matter if the battle is over a trophy or if it’s life-or-death struggle—we always want the underdog to emerge victorious. You may be reading this thinking you’re an underdog in life? You may feel underestimated at work, or maybe at home you feel no one recognises the calling on your life, that’s ok! You only have to read about King David in the Bible to find out sometimes it’s the last person everyone chooses in life that God actually calls. I hope and pray that you may know this week that God is in your corner - for you and not against you! Every Blessing Tom Rutter, Chaplain   

Congratulations to:

Junior Certificates: Alex, Freya, Danielle, Emmanuel, Emir, Charlotte, Zac, Violet.

Infant Sticker Chart: Maya, Amelia, Thibault, Chloe, Connor, Jamie, Leo, Matheus, Sophia, Loch, Emily, Sophie, Noah, Leela, Ved, Amanda, Elsa, Mia, Josh, Aylin, Seth, Mert, Felix.

Attendance: Zebra – 99%