Holy Trinity Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

We loved Lion class’ assembly last Friday, there was some wonderful acting and super singing – a great start to our day.

Congratulations to all the children who entered the decorated egg contest – everyone who entered got an egg, the year group winners were; Matteo, Rowan, Bea, Lily Rose, Elicia, Ffion and overall winner Ashton.

We have some “hellos” and “goodbyes”; this week we have welcomed back Mrs Neal to reception. She will be working four days a week and in Dolphin Class. At the end of this week we are saying “goodbye” to Mr Stretton who has been a teaching assistant with us for a number of years. Mr Stretton is going on to train as a teacher and we wish him all the very best and are thankful to him for everything that he has done for the school and are children – he will be hugely missed.

Today you will receive a copy of our fabulous “Kingfisher Frenzy”. Please read it, the children have done a wonderful job with it. We are so grateful to all the parents who have helped the children produce this fabulous edition.

We hope that you all have a lovely Easter break and look forward to seeing you all back on the 24th April.

Penny Cox

Important information:Voluntary Contributions for trips and visits. As you know, we do love to take the children out on visits and trips but we do rely on voluntary contributions to enable us to be able to fund these. Historically where there has been a shortfall the school has plugged the gap. Sadly we no longer have the money to be able to do this and if we don’t cover the costs of these types of activities we will have to cancel them. In response to parental request we have changed our payment system so that those parents who are willing and able can pay more if they wish. I am very sorry to have to raise this with you but it is a reflection of the wider funding issues affecting the nation’s schools.

Richmond in Bloom. The closing date for the 2019 design a poster competition is Monday 15 April for Details can be found here if you would like to enter your child.

Dates. Easter break. We finish at 2.15pm this Friday, 5th April, the children return to school on Wed 24th April.Easter Service. Our Easter service will be at 10am on Friday 5th April. Parents are welcome to join us at the church.

Fortnite. No primary aged should be playing this game. Please don’t let them. We have children who are acting out different scenes and using phrases from this game in school and it is very disruptive.

Chaplain’s Corner: Worry and anxiety are emotions that every single human being experiences. They're normal response to many situations that we may face in life. Such as exams or loved ones falling ill. However, when worry and anxiety begin to impact our everyday lives, influence our behaviour and take over our thoughts they can become a problem. God doesn't want our lives to be ruled by worried thoughts but by things like peace, hope and joy. The Easter message shows us that Jesus cares about us and so we can go to him about every single one of our cares. Even in the times we feel overwhelmed and fearful Jesus is with us and has overcome!"


Easter Concert. By the Nevada Union High School Choir. Saturday 20th April at 3pm at Holy Trinity Church in aid of the local charity Riverbank. Free entry.

Easter wishes from Miss Savage! I'd also like to let parents and children know that we still have some spaces next Monday and Tuesday (8th and 9th April) for children to enjoy Forest School days at our beautiful site in Shepperton. It's a fantastic Forest School adventure day with fire, den building, ropes and much more. For further information go to 

Considerate parking. Some parents are parking across residents’ drives. Please don’t do this. I would strongly advise that you walk you children to school whenever possible. If you look at the research you will see that the pollution levels in vehicles are much higher than those experienced when walking along on the pavement.

Congratulations: Infant sticker charts: Freya, Jacques, Lili, Rose D., Jacob, Aylin, Gabriel, Anna, Phin, Felix, Sumi, Summer, Nayan, Ines, Joe, Blake, Lewis. Theo, David, Rowan, Karis, Elliot, Anya, Chloe, Cinar, Leo, Marcus, Jennah, Kiran, Shaya, Thomas, Sammy

Junior certificates: Nils, Elliot, Fionaa, Amber, Ashton, Daisy, Eero, Gemma, Freddie, Junior and Sophia

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