Race Night

A few of you have asked..."What is a Night at the Races?"

Ultimately the night is a chance to get dressed up, mingle with friends, enjoy the food & bar as well as a chance to support this great school our children attend.

We have worked hard to ensure a spectacular night which allows parents to relax as well as get into the spirit of racing. 


Please do not be put off by such terminology as odds or totes - the concept is very easy and straight forward which allows anyone and everyone to enjoy the night!

Absolutely no knowledge of horse racing is needed, it will be pure luck if you win :)  In saying that, there will definitely be guaranteed winners in each race.


On the night there will be 'bookmakers' who will take bets.  Live odds will be streamed onto the big screen to give you an idea of what you will win if your horse comes in first. 

You will also be given the chance to buy a horse and become an owner.  With this privilege, you get to name the horse.  If your horse comes in first, you will win a fabulous prize that has been kindly donated by one of our lovely sponsors. 


Don your favourite attire -  Don't be an outsider - Prizes for the best dressed -  Come and join us for a fabulous night!   ONLY £10 FOR A TICKET, FOOD AND A DRINK!

Scroll down to book tickets and/or buy your horse now!

Race Night Payment Form

Welcome! We have a fabulous night in store and very much look forward to having you join us.

Please complete this form and pay via Paypal/Credit Card

Buy Race Night tickets

Below you will find the form which you can purchase tickets as well as become an owner and purchase a horse. You can either buy a ticket or buy a horse or both at the same time.

When buying a ticket, we will be notified and all you will need to do is bring proof of purchase on the night.

Item Price Quantity
Tickets    £10

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