Head teacher and Deputy Head

Kingfisher Club


What do our parents say?

We have been very pleased with both the amount of before and after school care offered and by the quality of the care.  We feel that everyone there really has the best interest of the kids at heart.  Our boys have great fun and when we collect them in the evening it is hard to get them to leave.

Neil and Marie Ashton


My children love going to Kingfisher and both the breakfast club and after-school club are a lifesaver for our working family. I work unpredictable hours and the facility to drop the children early without prior booking is often the difference between me being able to work and not. The kids view it as an extended playdate and who can blame them - toast and jam, unrestricted access to the playground and Lesley and her lovely ladies – what’s not to love!

Mary Smyth, mum of Zach (Yr 1) and Lili (Reception)


Kingfisher Club at Holy Trinity is everything a parent could wish for. Firstly as working parents we need a wrap-around child care solution that works logistically. Secondly when you leave you children in the care of others you wish a genuine interest in their welfare be given and in a fun learning environment. Thirdly you would like your child looked after in a similar environment to that at home. Kingfisher Club under the care of Lesley, Julie and Sylvie is all of this and more. The children are fed wholesome food, make good friends across different age groups and even get support in their home learning assignments. It is wonderful when picking up yourchild to see them happy and openly giving out hugs to the Kingfisher Club Team. Highly recommended!

Julian Allbut, dad of Georgia (Yr 1)


Daniel, Year 3 Emerald class has been attending breakfast club and after school club since reception and he just loves it! Daniel has so much fun, I’m usually under strict instructions not to collect him too early so that he can keep playing. Julie, Lesley and Sylvie are great - they offer a fun, safe, creative and learning environment for the children. There are so many different activities on offer that the children are challenged, never bored and always happy. The care provided means as a working parent I can relax - I know Daniel is well cared for, eating tasty wholesome food and  having loads of fun with his friends.  I think the smiley happy faces at the end of a long day are a testament to the fun and care the children receive and all I can say is a huge thank you! Daniel has a ball and your Macaroni and cheese is a firm favourite - better than Mum’s he says.

Julie Haarhoff, mum of Daniel, (Yr 3)


Kingfisher club is fantastic. I would whole heartedly recommend it to any parent who needs help outside of school hours. Being a working parent one of the biggest hurdles is the guilt - not being at the school gate - rushing like crazy at the end of the day to cook meals etc. Therefore it has been an enormous help and reassurance to have Lesley, Julie & Sylvie, the Kingfisher Crew, looking after my daughters. There have been a number of occasions when the girls have actually been cross that I've turned up early because they love their time at the club so much! It is an extension of the school day; its well organised, a range of activities on offer including art projects, sport games out on the school field, celebration of festivals (such as Christmas), homework support, and it is incredibly social - a chance to have after school play dates with their pals and children from other year groups. A fantastic service that I couldn't be without - so thank you!

Sophie McGeoch, mum of Madeleine (Yr 1) and Daisy (Reception)