Lunches at Holy Trinity

School Meals and Packed Lunches


All Infant children (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2) are entitled to free school lunches. We have a 92% uptake of free school lunches for our Infant children at Holy Trinity.

We offer a balanced, healthy and tasty diet and children are included in the consultation process over menus, using their own learning about healthy eating to come to informed decisions.

Meals can be paid for half-termly or termly – please contact the office for prices. If children are eligible for free school meals, it is important that parents fill in the application form even if their children have a packed lunch; as this allows the school to get funds to help with other things too.


All children are given a piece of fruit at break time. This is financed by government up to the age of 7, and by our PTA for the older children. Children are also encouraged to bring their own fruit to eat at playtime. Sweets,crisps,nuts and chocolate may not be brought to school.


Studies have shown that concentration can drop by up to 30% if children are not properly hydrated. We provide facilities for children from Year 1 onwards to have their own water bottles refilled with cool, filtered water; and to have them available throughout class time. Please send in a sports cap bottle every day. In Reception the children have designated drinking times to keep their fluids up.

Packed Lunches

Should you have to provide a daily packed lunch may we remind you that Holy Trinity is, for the safety of some of our children, strictly a nut free school. As we have gained Healthy School status we must insist that pack-lunches are well balanced and no crisps, chocolate, sweets,nuts or fizzy drinks are permitted in packed lunches. If children are eligible for free school meals, it is important that parents fill in the application form even if their children have a packed lunch. For more help visit the School Food Trust for ideas for healthy packed lunches.

Follow the link below to a website that has a month of healthy lunch box menu ideas:

Top tips for a healthy lunch box


  • Please remember that the school is “nut free”, as we have a number of pupils with nut allergies, so please don’t include anything that has nuts in the ingredients.
  • Base the main part of the lunch on starchy foods like bread, cereal, rice, pasta or potatoes.
  • Get creative with some alternatives to sandwiches, for example, wholemeal pitta pockets, tortilla wraps or pasta salad.
  • Include some protein such as lean meat, chicken, tuna, ham, cheese, egg or
  • Aim to have at least one fruit or vegetable based food or drink in the lunch box
    to count towards your child’s five fruit and vegetable portions a day.
  • Add a portion of semi-skimmed milk or other dairy food such as cheese or
    fromage frais.
  • Try a variety of different drinks such as a carton of fruit juice, water, yogurt drink or milk drink.
    Put a cool pack or a frozen drink in the lunch box to keep it cool.
  • The school is committed to heathy eating and so crisps and chocolate cannot be included in packed lunches – thank you!


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