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The official inspectorate of educational and nursery care establishments in the UK


Click on `Education and Learning’. This official government website has a section for parents that includes; choosing a school, nurseries, exams & tests, Special Educational Needs, first day at primary school, helping your child to learn plus many others. You can also access the OFSTED reports from any school you choose.


Click on `Education and Learning’ and then `Schools and Colleges’ and you will get information about all the nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools in Richmond.

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The London Grid For Learning is very handy for seeing what the national curriculum contains for any Key Stage (Key Stage 1 is infants, Key Stage 2 is juniors). Click on `Curriculum’ and then on a specific subject (e.g. maths) and then on the Key Stage you are interested in.

national archives

This is the education section of the National Archives and is mainly for children in KS2 and older, but it contains some excellent material on history. Good for children and parents.

 Reading Websites

Oxford Reading Tree

A wonderful website with booklists, online reading books, spelling games and language games. Over 300 ebooks on the site. You need to register in order to gain access.Age-categorised reading lists are available via the ‘brilliant books’ section.The site is helpfully divided into different types of fiction (humour, mystery, adventure etc). As with the channel4 site, a slightly longer synopsis of each title would be more helpful, in order to provide a better/more informative overview of the selected books.  There are also a large range of free e-books that can be downloaded from this website.

book people

The Book People

Good site with a large range of books and a search function by age and other categories. Each book title has a good synopsis and some have reviews with star ratings. It also has a Top 10 section and best sellers. You can also order the books at a discounted rate.



A large range of books plus a child friendly search function. This website gives the ability to search by age and genre. Some books have also been rated using a star system.  You can order books directly from the site.  The website also has games and competitions for children as well as a book club that they can join.  The book wizard promises to find you a good book based on your preferences.  This is reliant on your child’s knowledge of television and movie characters and gives limited choices. There is also an author’s section with a short blurb about each author.


Literacy Trust

Resources for educators as well as students of all ages.  The parent and family section has some interesting information but is limited in terms of book selection.  There is guidance for literacy milestones with information on how to check your child’s progress. The age ranges for the reading recommendations are rather broad with age categories for 7 – 11 year olds classed as one group.  


BBC Bitesize

A good site for teachers and parents. It provides very good resources for helping your child to learn at home. It covers all the subjects tackled in primary school as well as valuable help with revision in Key Stage 2. Short videos relating to all aspects of literacy. These seem to be classroom resources but could be useful for parents trying to understand the different aspects of teaching literacy.

C4L logo red


This site features over 30 of the most popular children’s authors with links to their best works.  The site also has links to story writing notes and useful tips, including a creative writing toolkit for parents and children.The main downside is that the synopses of the selected books could be more extensive..

Reading Eggs

ABC Reading Eggs | Where Children Learn to Read Online

BooksForKeeps logo


Describes itself as the UK’s leading, independent children’s book magazine and probably is!  Good selection of books, appropriately categorised. Beautifully written, extensive reviews of each recommended book, providing a great insight of what the book is about and the writing style.Appeared to be the strongest site for sourcing a good range of suitable books for the 9-12 yr-old age group. (5 Stars!)



Not really a resource for identifying and selecting good books but more like just a few books/author orientated articles e.g.  an interview with Lauren Childs presented by some young children.


Love reading 4 kids

Another good site. In addition to a wide suggestion of appropriately categorised books, one can download extracts selected books (after registering to the website). Usefully, one can order a selected book via a payment link.


Reading agency

Appears to be a site for reading-related activities but not specifically on books themselves. E.g. useful information about Chatterbooks, a library-centred outreach activity for children and details of the Summer Reading challenge.



Provides a smallish selection of books, presumably published by this organisation. No age guide provided and just a one line description for each featured book. Doesn’t compare with Booksforkeeps in terms of description, guidance and range of books covered.



Features a lot of books but not helpfully categorised either by genre or reading age/ability. Short descriptions of each book. Not much more useful than just going into a bookshop. I had to spend time searching around for suitable titles.


Blue Peter Book Awards

Categories include ‘Best Story’ and ‘Best Book with Facts’. The books don’t appear to be categorised into ages (unfortunately). However, still a good source of children’s books that are well thought of. Inaugurated in 2000, the awards are now managed by the Book Trust.

Mumsnet logo

Mum’s net children’s book club

Limited number of reviews but does provide a large selection of good children’s books with a paragraph overview of the content and genre. The site has a picture of each book with a link to its Amazon entry so one can buy the book directly.Features a star-rating system. ‘Reviews’ are mostly just short lines by parents of children who have read the book. Nevertheless a useful site if you want to get a quick overview of what’s out there.

Resources for Reluctant Readers and Dyslexia



Dyslexia Action

Dyslexia Action is a national charity with over 40 years’ experience in providing support to people with literacy and numeracy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

Dive In - has been written by Dyslexia Action and is a brilliant guide to choosing children’s books for reluctant readers and readers with dyslexia.

tom mcloughlin

A dyslexic author's writing tips for dyslexic kids

Tom McLaughlin, who has always had a weird relationship with words, offers his supportive and beautiful writing tips to dyslexic children everywhere (and those who know them)
Also see Tom Palmer’s top 10 books for dyslexic and reluctant readers


Interesting articles on Dyslexia


Love reading 4 kids- Reluctant Readers

Turn reluctant readers into book-lovers, and struggling readers into confident ones.

Love reading 4 kids - Dyslexia-friendly

Helping parents and their children crack the reading code with great stories that are short and with absolutely no boring bits! A list of the best dyslexia friendly titles available. They are all specifically written to help dyslexic readers enjoy reading.

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