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Match Report - HTFC (5) v Marshgate (4)
Sept 28th

We finally kicked off our first game of the season against Marshgate at Barn Elms Trust almost a year previosu where we first played them, and in typical fashion of late it was definitely no walk in the park. Having had a couple of players drop out last minute from both teams, we kicked off on a glorious sunny Sunday morning with 10 a-side and no ref and yours truly, Michael V and Martin T all taking turns between the sticks! Thankfully we had two new players involved in Nicholas Lu (new player) and Simon (stand in). Everyone was in good but edgy spirits when we kicked off but after going down 1-0 quite early I thought it was just going to be one of those games, and it was.

The tempo was very fast paced and neither team looked like they was reserving anything in the first half. Marshgate stuck another away making it 2-0 and we upped our game, how I don't know but we got one back to keep the game close, I believe it was Jose who got our first making it 2-1. The ref finally turned up 15 minutes into the game and good job he did as tempers were starting to get frayed, Michael V had his hands full for sure being the peace maker. We all desperately needed the half time break and thankfully Ad Vp turned up as did one of their players making it 11 a-side, but no subs to play.

Again from the start it was very fractious stuff more sunday pub league than good old friendly inter-schools league. We then concede a very dubious penalty, but thankfully Sterling (Marshgate Captain) was way to nervous and scuffed his shot. Our new hot striker Matthew Hind then got us level again, only for Marshgate's wonder boy Yunus to put them ahead yet again 3-2. And this is how it went on with us getting another back through new boy Simon to make it 3-3 after we moved him upfront, they went ahead again and we thought there was no way back, but two goals from Matty Hind and James Ellwood in succession saw us finally get ahead and then the whistle finally blew 5-4 get in!

All in all, even though it was not a classic game of football it was another great performance from the team, and we continue our winning streak where we left off from last season. So well done to all that turned up and gave it there all, here's to the rest of the season.

Spooky facts
I looked at the match report for our first game against Marshgate this time last year, and it's spooky how similar it was especially with the same scoreline too! -

Jose Pacheco - 1
Matthew Hind - 2
Simon - 1
James Ellwood - 1

Man of the Match for pure fighting spirit - James Ellwood

Martin Toussaint
Rob Hindle
Ad Van De Poel
Guido Regazzoni
Neil Jeffries
James Ellwood
Nicholas Lu
Jose Pacheco
Matthew Hind
Michael Valero (Capt)
Simon ?

*Some of the accuracy of this report might be slightly incorrect, due to fact of not knowing what the hell was going on during the game and having footballers block after trying to recall who scored and when. And the ref losing his notes of the scorers didn't help either. We did definitely win 5-4 though!

Next Game - THE BIG ONE!
East Sheen v HTFC Sunday 19th October Barn Elms Trust 2pm KO


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