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The warmest of welcomes to our wonderful school. Whether you are a current or prospective parent, the Friends of Holy Trinity PTA is here to help you in any way we can – please get in touch if we can do anything to support you while you are choosing or already enjoying life at Holy Trinity C of E Primary.

We are a fun and friendly team whose happy purpose is to support, communicate with and enhance our whole community. Through our events and fund-raising schemes we raise astonishing amounts of money for our school and charities to try to make life that little bit better for as many people as we can.

We are so proud of our school and have a great time trying make it the best it can be – we’d love you to join in and help us to help our community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can do anything for you – all the very best,

Lizzie, Anabel, Eleanor, Phil, Juliet, Fabienne & Nuria
(Chair, Friends of Holy Trinity PTA)



So who are you?

We’re everyone! Every parent, teacher, member of support staff and governor is automatically a member of the Friends of Holy Trinity PTA. From the day you arrive at Holy Trinity, you’re in. We’re like the Hotel California: you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…

No-one is forced (hard) to participate, but we really want to represent as much of our outstanding community as we can. So jump on in and get involved. It’s fun in here.


What do you do, then?

An excellent question. Anyone know?

We exist to support, represent, fund-raise and enjoy our whole school community. It’s our job to communicate with our parents and serve as a link between the parents, staff and governors. We’re here to help.

We also raise oodles of money to enhance our brilliant school and provide those bells and whistles that make Holy Trinity so special. Through our programme of events and fund-raising initiatives, we make tens of thousands of pounds every year. So that’s a lot of bells and whistles.


Good grief, that’s amazing! How do you do it?

Glad you asked. Throughout the year we promote initiatives such as Christmas cards, wrapping paper, fruit and veg and clothes recycling schemes that raise funds for our school.

We also have several exciting events dotted around the calendar, including our Christmas and Summer Fairs, Quiz Nights, Barn Dances, Casino Nights and the Circus that raise staggering sums of money for our school. And gracious, they are fun. Our events are the stuff of legend. The magistrate usually keeps a record, too.


What do you spend all that money on?

Throughout the year we sponsor a range of added extras, including fruit for our juniors, swimming lessons,

In the past few years we’ve bought iPads, a piano, new equipment for the playground, toys for our after-school club, extra resources for the every classroom, climbing frames and football strips. Oh, and a football field.


It sounds incredible – where do I sign?

Great to have you on board! There are a range of ways you can get involved with the PTA, including becoming class rep, helping out in your child’s class, manning a stall at our events, running a fund-raising initiative or donating to our drives for cakes, silent auction lots, raffle prizes and a whole host of other goodies. And please come to our events and have a great time. That’s the most important job of all.


Say, you’re not old enough to be Chair of the PTA…

Oh stop… Here, have my e-mail address if you want to get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We can’t wait to meet you.



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