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PTA Annual General Meeting Minutes

Kingfisher Club (14 July, 8pm) & Kingfisher Club (15 Jul, 9am)

Accompanying Slides: 


14/07/16:Sonia Booth, Leigh Moody, Julian Allbut, Kelly Russell, Sandra Batten, Penny Cox, Fiona Vigar, Wayne Phillips, Jackie Marie, Sigrid Lidblom.15/07/16: Sonia Booth, Julian Allbut, Anu Upadhya, Sandra Batten, Penny Cox, Fabienne Allan, Robyn Phillips, Maryna Stylanion, Eric Mpofu, Mary Brazier, Ayomi Upadhya, Celia Allbut, Anna Cheifetz, Emma F, Victoria Tresigne, Zoe Round, Kathleen Filmer, Lizzy Saary, Michael Chadwick, Lisa Moody, Angela Regazzoni, Kathy Orr, Laura Rinck, Fiona Fong, Rebecca Moher, Tesia Harrison, Kate Meikle, Lucy Darke.
Apologies for absence:
Suzie Durrant, Mary Evans


1.    Review of current year and status of current fund raising activities (slides 3-6)

Details of the PTA bank account balance were provided to give an insight into to what pledged money the PTA holds ready for the school to draw down when most appropriate for their budget cycles. Suzie Durrant has kindly agreed to provide an independent review of the way the account has been run through the 2015/16 year.


  • The amount raised by the PTA during 2015/16 was a fantastic £64,500 equating to a net £48,800 profit. This is a truly is an amazing amount and something most schools do not achieve. These funds give us, as a school community, opportunities to support our children in ways that most schools only dream of.
  • Silent Auction Thank you Certificates have been handed to Year 1 class reps for distribution to the supporting business
  • It was suggested that perhaps the property board sponsorship could be expanded to other events.
  • An additional revenue stream has been identified by expanding the sale of our great quality, reasonably priced, Xmas trees to other local schools. By offering our supply of Xmas trees ordered via our website we could offer local school PTAs a fund raising opportunity by ordering their trees through our website and sharing the commission. The only additional work that we would need to manage is the delivery process. If we could recruit some strong Dads then we could see our current profit double to £1,400 or even more – Dads please apply here!
2a. 2015/16 School Donations (slide 7-8)

£23,282 was spent on school donations in 2015/16 made up of £11,750 of 2014/15 pledges and 2015/16 donations. A truly generous donation of £5,100 was made by Kathleen Filmer and her company which went towards library books. Coopers Appliance sponsored £2,000 for sports kit. From previous year’s learnings, the £8,000 class donations were paid out before Christmas. This allowed the teachers to have the funds available to be allocated by the teachers in a planned way rather than having to rush them through before the end of the school year. Only £4,000 of the £8,000 donated was spent. The remainder will be used in 2016/17.


  • A huge thank you to Kathleen and her company for her generous book donation.
  • A huge thank you to Coopers Appliances for their sports kit. It was suggested that we arrange some marketing communication support for them. Agree to organise a photo of the children in the kit and try and get press coverage. Additional communications to HT parents was also suggested to make them aware of Coopers Appliances.
2b. 2016/17 Approved Pledges (slide 9)

A sum of £1,800 was set aside for Teachers Tea/Coffee/Refreshments starting from September 2016. Purchase of a candy floss machine was set aside after the significant revenue achieved (£150) at the school summer fair. The purchase would also potentially allow us to rent the machine out to HT families and local schools for additional revenue.


  • A proposal to link some of the PTA fund raising activities directly to the end cause was made. Specifically to link the fairs Tea, Coffee and Cake stall to the raising of funds to provide tea and coffee refreshments for the staff as a token of how much we recognise their hard work in supporting our children.
  • Leigh Moody kindly offered to find a sponsor for our athletic kit requirement.


2016/17 Pledges with funding to be validated (slide 10-13)Junior Swimming (slide 10)

Previously £2,000 per year was contributed by the PTA towards the cost of supporting the school to achieve the target of all children swimming 25m by the end of Year 6. Additional funds were also needed and raised from parents and directly from the school budget. The current swimming model is to send all of Year 3 & 4 swimming, just once a term and those who still cannot swim 25m go swimming in Year 5 until they can swim the required 25m. Mr Auton, Mr Hambling and Julian sat down to review this model and identified a more cost and curriculum time effective approach to meet the 25m national curriculum target.

  • Eliminate sending Year 3 swimming as it is not cost effective to do so. Many of the children were well on their way to achieving 25m without the need for committing school funds.
  • Carry out a 25m swimming assessment at the beginning of Year 4 to identify the non-swimmers
  • Send only the non-swimmers for swimming lessons. Instead of paying for 120 children to go swimming, we will only need to focus on an estimated 24 who cannot achieve the 25m target. Use of the school minibus would then be possible, eliminating expensive coach hire costs.
  • Continue targeted swimming lessons for non-swimmers throughout Year 4, so Year 5 can be dedicated to other key curriculum subjects
  • Those able to swim will then have 90 minutes freed up to spend time in school and carry out activities that should be recognised as something they value and wish to do. We do not want them to feel punished for being able to swim.

    Consequently the PTA does not wish to fund the current model but supports the new proposed model. However the new model should be less money for the school than they are currently spending so may require no funds from the PTA or parents. There may be a transitional year of support needed before the new model is fully up and running.


We still have the HT swimming club but this is for the excellent swimmers. A great suggestions was made that based on the fact that we all support the concept of swimming skills then perhaps we could organise an HT Swimming Gala for all the school, for all abilities. This of course would require funding but the PTA confirmed that we would be pleased to explore the practicalities of this.


Interpersonal Development Programme (slide 11)

The feedback from Parents and as discussed at previous PTA meetings, was that to complement academic achievement, the children’s interpersonal skills also need to be developed.  These interpersonal skills are very important and recognised to significantly maximise our children’s life chances.The school already supports this approach from the ideas behind the 5 R’s and the Head Teacher’s Award Programme. The Head Teacher’s Award Programme is led by Mr O’Sullivan and we wish to develop it to the next level and support the school with resources to achieve these objectives.We do not have a firm view on what form this support should take but would like to develop the ideas in conjunction with the school. We also wish to ensure the programme’s activities are not additional to what the teachers have to manage currently but are integrated into the planned curriculum topics with a greater interpersonal focus.

Initial concept ideas include:

  • Train the teachers: so we can develop the teachers’ skills further by outside experts and then continually teach the children these techniques without the need to continually pay for outside training input etc
  • Plan specific learning time during the residential courses(Year 4, 5 & 6), to focus on some of these skills eg managing frustration/conflict - suggested by Fiona Vigar


  • The current programme to achieve the Head Teachers awards sometimes feels that significant additional activities were needed to be achieved over what a good citizen would carry out. Many parents could feel that the proof required for some elements is patronising, and we are then asked to prove these skills for the sake of the award. Could the current programme be reviewed to make it more achievable from a normal good behaviour point of view and less onerous to document etc. It should also reward good behaviour not just the high achievers.
  • Mrs Cox is excited by the programme, conscious it has to work within the constraints identified and will give it some thought over the summer recess. The PTA Committee will hold a meeting with Mrs Cox to plan next steps in September.
  • Kathleen Filmer suggested she could offer some recommended IDP trainer consultant names.


Library Project (slide 12)

As recorded in the minutes from the previous PTA meetings, the Library team have been working on transforming the school library. We now have over 4,000 fiction books all from nationally recognised recommended reading lists or from nationally recognised children’s authors.  The purchase of the books identified is now 95% complete and a cloud based library system, an HT social networking platform and a finger scanner have been implemented with over 700 log-ins from children within the first three days of its launch.

The remaining key parts of this amazing project are:

  • Establishing and embedding the library stewardship within the school
  • Implementing the library resource as a timetabled element of the week to week activities of the children
  • Creating a library environment worthy of the new content ie:
  • Creating a suitable engagement space for the children, taking into account appropriate input from the children
  • Renewing the shelving for the books
  • Creating suitable access to the cloud based booking out system
  • Updating the lighting for the library area

Rachel Sharp provided a summary of the children’s input. Zoe Round on behalf of the library design team presented some design concepts around theme and furniture required. The library team have drafted a floor plan of how the current space could be upgraded to provide a more enclosed and quieter place whilst accommodating the new books. The team have also considered how the space could be made more inviting and attractive for the children, and some ideas have included the creation of a 'themed' space. Initial costings communicated were around £20,000. The school currently has pledged £5,000 and approximately £2,000 remains unspent.


  • The PTA Committee, the school, the parents (99% sign-up to the finger scanner) and the children (800 log-ins) clearly demonstrates that there is complete buy-in to this greatly improved school resource. One parent even remarked that having recently taken their children to the Sheen library, to start the summer reading challenge, thought the HT library was better stocked than the one at Sheen!
  • Thanks was whole heartily given to Kathleen Filmer and her company for their generous donation.
  • A huge thanks was expressed to the library project team for the hours of commitment given to create a library with world class books that will last for many years and inspire our children with the joy of reading.
  • Mrs Cox proposed that a further contribution to the library infrastructure would be made available from the school.
  • The PTA Committee has asked the library team to provide the necessary details to allow them to understand and review the refurb. proposal so that the appropriate funds can be planned and not hold up planned timelines.
  • In order to celebrate the library it was suggested that some sort of opening launch event could be organised. This would enable parents to view the current upgrade and help them support the children's involvement and participation.
  • Ideas around engaging more children with the library included:
  • Allowing access to parents/carers after school to use the library with their children
  • Book buddies
  • Timetabled library time
  • Book awards
  • Book of the week
  • Author visits (possibly supported with funding from the PTA)


2.    Volunteer Leads for 2016/17 (Slide 13)

The PTA is able to deliver the wide range of events and fund raising activities because of the hard work put in by its volunteers. The PTA lead the organisation of our two fairs and specific volunteers sign up to organise and manage the other events.

There are four key vacancies that we are looking to fill (see slide) and we are asking the PTA community to volunteer. Each activity has a How-To Guide so all our learnings from the past are not lost and nobody is starting from scratch!

  • Silent Auction:  Loading donations onto the website/organising the auction – Fiona Vigar
  • Sponsored Bounce: Organising the day – Lucy Darke
  • BBQ: Ordering the meat and bread, organising the stall set-up  – Volunteer required
  • Property Board Sponsorship: Address list management & communications – Volunteer required


3.    Nominations and Voting for 2016/17 PTA Committee (Slide 14)

The existing committee was nominated for re-election by Fiona Vigar and seconded by Mary Brazier. No additional nominations were received and the 2015/16 committee was voted back in by attendees.

Additional Committee roles have been established and the PTA Committee now comprises:

  • Co-Chair – Sonia Booth & Julian Allbut
  • Treasurer – Anu Upadhya & Wolfgang Kluge
  • Treasurer Support – Leigh Moody
  • Co-Secretary – Kelly Russell & Sandra Batten
  • Community Champion - Lucy Darke
  • Events Liaison Champion – Lisa Moody

Role descriptions

Community Champion: Support and energise class reps and parents with the sign-up to events via doodle links etcEvents
Liaison Champion: Liaise with the Lead Volunteers of our events to ensure they have all the information and details they need for running the event eg How-To Guide.


4.    Any other business
  • Autumn Social update
    Due to insufficient interest the event will not be going ahead but see dates below so you can plan your diaries for the Summer Social 2017!
  • Increasing Community Spirit Activities
    The PTA Committee was asked if more community spirit activities could be organised. The PTA Committee is very happy to have additional community activities and encourages all members to propose suggestions and lead these. It was also suggested that the Community Cohesion Committee could take a lead on creating these events.
  • Reception Engagement
    A great idea was suggested by Zoe Round that the PTA Committee members should spend time to introduce themselves to new Reception class parents at drop-off in September to encourage participation in PTA activities and make them feel involved and welcome.
  • Modern Language Support
    A parent suggested that Year 6 children are struggling with Spanish language skills. The PTA Committee was asked to investigate the potential to hold additional language learning for Year 6 during the period between SAT’s ending and the end of term. The PTA Committee will work with the school to understand the approach for Spanish and where it can lend support.
  • September PTA Wine & Cheese evening
    It was proposed that a September PTA meeting be held to let parents know what events were planned for the year and also confirm the funding raising causes. The PTA Committee has reflected on this and propose that this be held as a social wine and cheese evening. The proposed date is 6th October Thursday at 20:00 at the school.
  • Thank Yous
    A big thank you from the PTA Committee to all those hard working class reps and Parents who give up their time and expertise to make all this possible. In particular, special mention to:

⦁    Jenny Howe
⦁    Louise Prendergast
⦁    Claire Bell
⦁    Trevor Bell
⦁    Becky Jefferies
⦁    Liz Rose
⦁    Mrs Cox
⦁    Our fabulous Teachers


Dates update
Dates have been firmed up so diaries can be planned

⦁    Bottle MUFTI Day:         Fri 11th November 2016

⦁    Chocolate MUFTI Day:         Fri 25th November 2016

⦁    Cake MUFTI Day:         Fri 2nd December 2016

⦁    Xmas Fair:             Sat 3rd December 2016

⦁    Bottle MUFTI Day:         Fri 19th May 2017

⦁    Chocolate MUFTI Day:         Fri 26th May 2017

⦁    Cake MUFTI Day:         Fri 9th June 2017

⦁    Summer Fair:             Sat 10th June 2017

⦁    Summer Social:         Sat 8th July 2017

⦁    End of Year PTA AGM: Thu(pm) 13th & Fri(am) 14th July 2017

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