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Junior Red

Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover Title: A Dog Called Grk (A Grk Book) Authors: Joshua Doder Rating: 2.5 Hits: 18782
cover Title: Ark Angel (Alex Rider) Authors: Anthony Horowitz Rating: 4.5 Hits: 1309
cover Title: George's Hair is Too Long (Famous Five Colour Short Stories) Authors: Enid Blyton, Jamie Littler Rating: 4 Hits: 1455
cover Title: Listen to the Moon Authors: Michael Morpurgo Rating: 4.5 Hits: 1444
cover Title: Little Foxes Authors: Michael Morpurgo Rating: 4.5 Hits: 1367
cover Title: Tiger Wars Authors: Steve Backshall Rating: 5 Hits: 1353
cover Title: War Horse. Michael Morpurgo Authors: Michael Morpurgo Rating: 0.5 Hits: 1435

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