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Mary Evans
Mary Evans

First and foremost, Mary is a writer. Come to think of it, she doesn't do much else. Mary write lots of things - books, plays, scripts, musicals, lyrics, features, poems, shopping lists - you name it. And if someone wants to read them, that's always nice too. Her debut novel Who Let the Gods Out? is available now as an ebook, iBook, Nook book and actual book book.

Mary's Books:

Who let the Gods out?
Who Let the Gods Out? A comedy fantasy adventure about a young boy who must reassemble the classical immortals to beat a death daemon and save mankind. You know the kind of thing. This book is available as paperback, Kindle iBook, Nook, and Kobo. Age 7+
Rosie Harker, Nosey Parker
Rosie Harker is always getting into trouble – she is such a Nosey Parker! But when there’s a mystery at her Aunty’s wedding, can Nosey Rosie save the day?Help Rosie to nose around this fun, rhyming lift-the-flap adventure. Go on – stick your nose in! Age 4+