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Holly Webb
Holly Webb

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Rascal the Star (My Naughty Little Puppy)
The Case of the Stolen Sixpence: The Mysteries of Maisie Hitchins Book 1

I was born in London in 1976, but now I live just outside Reading, with my husband Jon and my three children, Tom, Robin and William.I haven’t always been a writer. I used to work as an editor at Scholastic Children’s Books…

I first went there when I was 15 to do work experience (when you go and find out what different jobs are like, and mostly do photocopying). I went back every summer and begged and begged until they gave me a job after I left university. I loved being an editor. When I was much younger I wanted to be a librarian, because I thought that librarians got to spend the whole day reading all the books in the library. I was very disappointed when I found this wasn’t true. (After that I wanted to be an archaeologist, but I gave up on that idea after I discovered most archaeology was not about pyramids but meant getting wet, cold and muddy, and involved a lot of very complicated science.)

I wrote my first book while I was still working at Scholastic. Editors sometimes come up with an idea for a book, which they suggest to an author, and that was the plan with the Triplets series. I came up with the idea of triplet sisters who looked exactly the same, but were totally different underneath. By the time I had named them Becky, Katie and Annabel, and given them a family and a school and thought about how they’d react if a rat ate their bridemaids’ dresses, I didn’t want to let anybody else write those books!I wrote the first book, Becky’s Terrible Term, on a train – actually, lots of trains.