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Book Reviews By Category: Double Act
Title:      Double Act
Categories:      Junior Red
BookID:      87
Authors:      Jacqueline Wilson , Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN-10(13):      0440867592
Publisher:      Transworld Publishers
Publication date:      2006-10-24
Number of pages:      192
Language:      Not specified
Price:      6.37 USD
Rating:      4.5 
Picture:      cover

Product Description

No one can ever be like a mother to us, especially not stupid frizzy dizzy Rose! Ruby and Garnet are 10-year-old identical twins. They do everything together, especially since their mom died three years ago. Can being a double act work forever? Especially when their father starts dating again?


Elise - age 9

It is a bout identical twins. They apply to boarding school ad only the one of them can go so the other one gets angry. It was quite funny