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Book Reviews By Category: Night of the Living Veg (Buster Bayliss)
Title:      Night of the Living Veg (Buster Bayliss)
Categories:      Junior Blue
BookID:      31
Authors:      Philip Reeve
ISBN-10(13):      0439955696
Publisher:      Marion Lloyd Books
Publication date:      2006-08-07
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
Price:      0.74 USD
Rating:      4.5 
Picture:      cover

Buster Bayliss is being forced to stay at his Fake Auntie Pauline's house in the flowery spare bedroom while his mum's away - it's a fate worse than death. Probably. Anyway, Buster is just about to find out for sure, as Smogley is being overrun with giant, man-eating, alien vegetables. Is Buster too weakened by the wallpaper torture to resist the alien advance?

Beau - age 9
2015-10-02 13:04:43

Buster went to his mum’s friend’s house. There is something weird going on with her plant. What will happen? It is a good start for junior blue!

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