Curriculum Overview

Art & Design Technology

Holy Trinity Primary School believes that Art and Design Technology can play an exciting role in providing dynamic focus for the educational experience of its young people.

The arts enrich the quality of our experiences, providing rewarding activities that inspire, inform, stimulate, challenge and entertain.  Arts activities help develop the capacity to formulate and communicate ideas and feelings; they enhance perceptual skills through responding, developing and evaluating, and physical skills through control and use of movement.  Involvement in the arts helps to foster a positive attitude among students by developing a wide range of qualities such as cooperation, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, tenacity and ambition.  We also emphasise that this is an inclusive involvement, which helps students acquire an important sense of belonging as well as building the self-confidence.

All students have the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through the curriculum, using a wide range of artistic media and through the range of experiences and opportunities that the school offers.

Holy Trinity Primary School actively seeks to forge links with the wider community, utilising the skills and enthusiasm of parents, carers and indeed local artists. Children have the opportunity to show case and exhibit their work for all to enjoy. The annual Art House initiative being just one of many successful examples.

Year Group Subject Overviews