Curriculum Overview

At Holy Trinity School we teach PSHE lessons once a week explicitly. We cover the same 6 topic areas from year 1 to year 6 which increase in depth and content as the children get older. These topics are
       Me and my Lifestyle
       Growing and Changing
       Making a Positive Contribution 
       Me and my Relationships
       Keeping Safe 
       The World Around Me
We aim to present facts in an objective, balanced and sensitive manner. Over the year, the children will also complete a project as a way of practicing their PSHE. This might be singing for the elderly, looking for litter around the school or raising money to support a project abroad.
Our lessons take place using a circle time format. This means that the children sit in a circle and follow specific rules like only speaking when a child is holding a specific object. Circle time is a special time for children to share their ideas and any school related issues they might have in an encouraging, supportive environment

Sex and Relationships
Parents will always be informed before children receive any formal sex education lessons (Year 5 & 6) and will be given the opportunity to preview all materials used.  Parents have the right to withdraw their child from any formal sex education lessons that take place.

Year Group Subject Overviews