Curriculum Overview

At Holy Trinity CE Primary School, we are passionate about developing a real love for maths. It is an essential tool that enables us to make sense of our world. The ability to think logically and reason mathematically is key and a skill that we promote by providing regular opportunities to use and apply their mathematical knowledge through investigation and practical work. It can be used to analyse and communicate ideas and information effectively and to tackle a range of real life problems.

Our numeracy lessons give children daily opportunities to explore, investigate and develop key ideas, skills and concepts in number, algebra, measures, shape, space and data handling. Once skills are secured and understanding is sound we encourage them to apply logic and reason and apply their skills to real life situations.

We embrace a depth of understanding that enables our pupils to fully understand the underlying principles and never simply carry out methods or learn by rote without understanding.  This combined with reasoning between concepts enables our children to become fluent problem solvers.
We group our children within year groups by ability to ensure they are working at a level and pace to suit them. 

Year Group Subject Overviews