Curriculum Overview


At Holy Trinity we welcome you to an exciting world of learning, discoveryand friendship. We are passionate about nurturing every child, helping them to find and develop their own talentsandbe the best that they possibly can. Children will learn within a Christian community, surrounded by support,kindness, respect andfun; and will leave with fantastic memoriesto cherish forever.



How we approach texts-discovering the features of a text type, the outcome of a story, the rhythm of a poem.  Making writing come to life in our minds.



Learning from each other as part of a supportive mixed ability pair, and a whole class.  Knowing that all ideas are valued.  An ethos of do, share, improve.


Own talents

The expectation that all children have a talent in writing and we, as teachers, need to look for it.


Be the best that they possibly can

High expectations, through children’s outcomes, learning objectives, success criteria and the relationships within the classroom.



Children need to know the end goal, so the expected outcome needs to be shared through high quality texts and modelling.

Preparing the children to write-talk for writing, constructing and deconstructing texts, word mats, chunking, time to make mistakes in jotters or on whiteboards, targeted questioning.

Differentiation-workshops, practising specific targets and skills in Guided Writing, colour coded texts, visual clues, differentiated word mats.


Kindness and respect

Oral and written feedback to enable the children to improve and progress.


Fun and fantastic memories

Every writing unit has an element of fun and emotional intelligence, be it a hook, drama or suspense.  Literacy is full of adventures.

Year Group Subject Overviews