OFSTED & 2014 Results 


The school was inspected by Ofsted in March 2010 and recognised it as a ‘good’ school with ‘outstanding’ features.


Key points:

• inspectors praised the ‘exceptional’ care, guidance & support given to the children, and some ‘outstanding’ teaching;
• Ofsted noted the ‘strong and dedicated leadership of the head teacher and senior leaders’ and how this has resulted in the school’s excellent reputation and parental support;
• the team of staff were recognised for going to ‘great lengths’ to make learning fun, and praised the use of innovative techniques and exceptional resources, especially in the early years foundation stage;
• the children were applauded for their good behaviour, their attendance and how much they enjoy learning and being part of the school community;
• the school was described as ‘happy’ and ‘highly inclusive’ where children ‘have a tremendous sense of security’;
• Ofsted were impressed by the significant influence pupils have on the topics they study and how the curriculum includes many interesting opportunities to enrich their learning;
• inspectors noted the impressive contribution the school makes to developing community cohesion, that pupils are highly aware of their role within a wider context, and that they have exceptional understanding about the differences in beliefs and cultures that exist.

View the full report on the Ofsted website.

You may also download a copy from the school’s website here.


2014 Results (Awaiting validation)

Our latest SATs results for Key Stage 2 (Year 6) are shown below. The scores show the number of pupils achieving at least level 4 in reading, writing and maths, which is the level that most pupils are expected to achieve at this age. Level 5+ shows above average attainment. A vital measure of a school is the the progress each child makes from their year 2 SATs test to their year 6 SATs test. This is now accepted as the best indicator of the effectiveness of the teaching, and of the school.


Year 6 Sats Results (Unvalidated)


Reading at level 4+ 96%
Reading at level5+ 57%
Writing at level 4+ 90%
Writing at level 5+ 35%
Maths at level 4+ 82%
Maths at level 5+ 45%
Maths at level 6+ 14%



Progress Data KS1-KS2  
2+ levels in reading 98%
3+ levels in reading 31%
2+ levels in writing 98%
3+ levels in writing 37%
2+ levels in maths 89%
3+ levels in maths 43%