Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?

We are really looking forward to your child starting in Rainbow Class! There are skills that we expect your children to have mastered before they begin in Nursery. The most important of these is to ensure they are out of nappies/pull-ups and can manage their self-care needs independently, so that we can invest our time in teaching.

Toilet Training Guide

What to Expect When

“I can go to the toilet most of the time by myself”
It is an expectation that children are toilet trained and out of nappies or pull-ups before starting Nursery. Being able to manage their self-care needs independently is a priority. We will of course be here to assist when necessary.

“I can wash my hands”
We would expect the children to be able to wash their hands after going to the toilet and after messy play.

 “I can put on my coat by myself”
We encourage independence in the Nursery and teach the children to put their coats on and off on their own.

“I can stay clean and safe in Nursery”
It is important that the children understand how to put on aprons to protect their clothes, and use arts and crafts or cooking utensils in a safe manner to protect themselves and others.

Alongside what we consider to be the essential skills listed above, we also encourage you to engage your child in the following activities to ensure the transition from home to Nursery is as smooth as possible.

“I can be kind and gentle with my friends and adults”
Making relationships is a key skill we develop in the Early Years. We encourage the children to make good choices and to be able to approach others with care.

“I can look at picture books on my own”
Looking at and listening to stories is so important at this age. The children will take a new book home from Nursery each day. We like to encourage the children to take enjoyment from reading!

“I can begin to count and recognise numbers”
Looking at numbers and beginning to count is a key skill for young children. We would expect children to take an interest in counting objects, singing counting songs and develop an awareness of numbers in their environment.

“I can hold a pencil”
Mark making is the fundamental skill of early writing. We would like the children to choose a dominant hand and to begin to enjoy making marks in a variety of different ways.