Design and Technology

DT Progression of skills


At Holy Trinity School, we acknowledge the impact that an interesting and engaging Design and Technology curriculum can have on a child’s development and their understanding of products in the world around them.

Design and Technology, as a practical subject, cultivates the values of love, aspiration, and community among children. It encourages students to express their creativity and imagination, fostering a deep love for the process of bringing a concept to life. As children embark on their design journey, they aspire to create meaningful and innovative products, while learning new skills. Through collaborative projects, a sense of community is grown, where students work together, share ideas, and support one another. In this way, Design and Technology not only builds practical skills but also instils the values of love for crafting, aspirations for excellence, and a strong sense of community among all our learners. Here they will utilise and develop the key skills associated with Design and Technology found within the broad categories of:

  • Construction – process of making things like buildings and bridges. It involves planning what to build, gathering materials, and putting them together to create something new.
  • Textiles – materials made from fibers like cotton or wool that we use to make clothes, blankets, and other fabric items. Learning about textiles helps us understand how different materials are made and how we can use them to create things we need in our daily lives.
  • Mechanics – understanding about how things move and work, like how cars and bicycles move forward. By learning mechanics, we understand the forces that make objects go, stop, or change direction.
  • Nutrition – understanding about the foods we eat and how they help our bodies grow and stay healthy. By learning about nutrition, we understand the importance of eating a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy products.