Foreign Languages

Languages progression of skills


EYFS and KS1: Celebration of Languages

In Early Years and KS1 we introduce our children to language. We share and celebrate all the different languages that are spoken in and amongst our community. We share and enjoy the different celebrations and festivals that our relevant and important to our community.

KS2: Latin

At Holy Trinity School, we have chosen as a community to teach Latin as it provides a linguistic foundation for reading comprehension and broadens children’s views of the wider world. Latin is not only still used in many aspects of the English language, but is also seen as the blueprint for some of the most widely spoken languages today, many of which are spoken by children at Holy Trinity School.  We want pupils to have access to a progressive and cohesive curriculum where they can use Latin to gain a deeper understanding of grammatical structures, vocabulary and etymology. We want our children to show the values of aspiration and love of learning a language and to appreciate classical civilisations and the impact they have had on modern society.