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At Holy Trinity School we believe that reading is a fundamental skill that allows children to successfully access all areas of the curriculum.  We teach early reading consistently and systematically.  Our intent is that all children become fluent readers with a love of books, regardless of their background and starting point.


We teach phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1, following the Read Write Inc systematic synthetic phonics programme. Within daily phonic sessions, children have the opportunity to revisit previous learning and practice and apply new skills in structured but engaging ways.

We have a three-tiered approach to the reading books that are sent home: the children have a fully decodable book matched to their individual phonic knowledge that they read to an adult; a book that may contain some unfamiliar vocabulary that is read with an adult, and a book for pleasure from our well-stocked library that is read by an adult.  This allows children to enjoy sharing books as part of a community, whilst also successfully reading independently.