Is your child ready for school?

We are really looking forward to you and your  child to Kingfisher Class. There are certain ‘Readiness’ skills that we expect our children to have mastered before they begin in September. Here is a useful guide to the four areas of “Readiness’ at Holy Trinity School.


  • I am confident to be away from my family.
  • I can identify how I feel and share those feelings.
  • I am excited to try new activities.
  • I will keep trying even when I find things difficult.
  • I can ask for help if I’m unsure.


  • I can go to the toilet by myself.
  • I can wash and dry my hands.
  • I can blow my nose and put the tissue in the bin.
  • I can get dressed by myself.
  • I can put my coat on and fasten the buttons or use the zip.
  • I can eat with a knife and fork.
  • I can tidy up and look after my belongings.


  • I am understood when I talk.
  • I can talk about myself, my feelings and my thoughts.
  • I can respond appropriately when someone talks to me.
  • I can follow instructions.
  • I can sit and listen for a short while.


  • I enjoy playing with others.
  • I am able to take turns in play.
  • I am able to share with others.
  • I am friendly in my behaviour towards others.
  • I can make new friendships.