Forest School

Forest School Progression Map


At Holy Trinity School our intent is to foster a community of knowledgeable young learners with a sense of responsibility to the natural world, who will be inspired to develop a love of the outdoors and nature, engaging and enjoying aspirational challenges that will enable them to ‘have a go’ and master new skills. We believe that through the inclusion of outdoor learning woven through all areas of the curriculum, we will best support the holistic development of each child.

We want our pupils to:

  • Develop a love of learning.
  • Understand that learning outdoors can have a positive impact on their emotions and better support their wellbeing.
  • Support the development of life-skills; enabling them to make positive, safe choices; independently managing risk.
  • Develop pupils’ problem solving and critical thinking skills and better understand the consequences of their actions.
  • To accept that not getting something right the first time facilitates greater learning, builds resilience and provides a sense of achievement upon successfully completing a task.
  • Transfer the learning experiences and sense of achievement back in class.
  • Nurture an understanding of the natural world and develop environmental awareness, fostering a sense of responsibility.
  • Include those pupils with SEND and in specific cases, provide additional opportunities for them to access a differentiated curriculum to meet their needs.
  • Equip pupils with creative and diverse experiential learning that broadens  their knowledge, understanding and cultural capital to be educated citizens.


Each half term every class at HT has a ‘Forest School session’, with a trained Forest School Leader. Rain or shine the children have opportunities to explore a variety of different outdoor areas and immerse themselves in different activities. These include:

  • identifying trees and bug hunting in our woodland garden
  • playing games, favourites being Track and Trace, and Eagle Eye.
  • pond dipping in our outdoor learning area 
  • using ropes and obstacle courses to challenge balance and proprioception skills
  • shelter and den building to promote problem solving and teamwork
  • gathering and investigating natural objects to make transient art
  • using a variety of tools to whittle and carve
  • creating art work and tree rubbings
  • building fires and making bread/toasting marshmallows

We are extremely lucky to be located a short walk from both Richmond Park and Sheen Common and to have a wonderful woodland garden and pond area. We also run forest school nurture groups.


The impact of Outdoor Learning on learning will be focused on the knowledge and skills gained at the end of each key stage. Pupils will have/be able to:


  • Embedded a love of learning in the outdoors.
  • Experienced learning in the outdoor areas at Nursery, the Forest School area and pond at Holy Trinity.
  • Become familiar with the routines and expectations connected to Forest School; getting ready, wearing protective gear, safety in the Forest School Area.
  • Developed a confidence to try new activities.
  • Follow instructions involving several ideas/actions.


  • Developed an understanding of the safety aspects in the Forest School Area, enabling them to manage risk effectively.
  • Experience using tools for a purpose, safely and with developing control (Vegetable peelers, hand drills and fire steels)


  • Employ team-building strategies to support problem solving tasks.
  • Mastered using tools for a purpose, understanding the safety aspects.
  • Experienced off-site trips to enhance outdoor learning opportunities, such as Richmond Park and High Ashurst.