Welcome to Kingfisher class at Holy Trinity School

Through play and active learning our pupils reach their begin their learning journey in an ASPIRING and visually rich environment, that encourages creative and critical thinking. During this year our pupils will explore the seven areas of learning set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Communication & Language


Through stories, songs and poems we give the children the opportunity to experience a rich language environment. It’s a time for the children to explore listening, learning to be attentive, answer and ask questions. We share our thoughts and ideas together.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Building relationships,
Self regulation,
Personal management 

In this area of learning we help the children to understand their own feelings and the feelings of others. How to form friendships and positive attachments and cooperative play. We do this with circle time, sharing our news, modelling expectations using puppets and role play. We encourage a “can do” attitude and use the Zones of Regulation to help our children communicate their feelings.

We spend time helping our children continue to improve their understanding of their personal needs and personal hygiene.

Physical Development

Fine motor,
Gross motor,

The Kingfisher classroom is designed to excite and encourage our learners in their physical development. With its own outdoor learning area, it is an excellent continuation of the classroom providing children with the opportunity and space to explore their physical capabilities.  An integral part of the day is physical activity including dancing, jumping, wiggling, climbing, scooting, Each of these playful experiences helps our children to have confidence in their spacial awareness.

Each day there are number of activities that encourage fine motor skills required for holding a pencil and mark making, using small tools and improving accuracy.